Memorial Day Challenge

Memorial Day Challenge

Memorial Day is a day to honor those men and women in uniform that never made it home. Take our Memorial Day Challenge to respectfully pay homage to these Fallen Heroes. Post your photos and videos showing how you paid tribute to the valiant men and women that sacrificed everything for your freedom.

1 – Fly an American Flag

Memorial Day Challenge

2 – Engage in prayer or have a moment of silence for our Fallen Heroes

3 – Challenge others to do the same


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2 thoughts on “Memorial Day Challenge”

  1. That is a very hard day for me. I always stand at attention, salute and I tear up every time, it all that I can due to hold it in. You see my family lost 6 Members in three in Europe two in Japan, one in Korea. More than we should have. I feel the sad feeling and the lost of the other families who lost maybe all their kids, or Husbands Sorry I know this is weak but may God Bless them all. We own them to protect this Nation and our values. We are being invaded. Bless all who served.

  2. Set a timer on your phone and stand at salute for 75 seconds (for Nov 10, 1775). Add a second or three for every man you know that came back under that flag…. and, if your arm can take it, add another second for every man you know that left blood on foreign soil. Lastly, add another second for every member of your family that lives free and without fear of being killed in their sleep in their beds because of what a few, proud, and beat the hell up do for a few years of their lives…. the muscle cramps are worth it.

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