top ways to breach a door

Top 6 Ways to Breach a Door

Top 6 Ways to Breach a Door

6.  Boot

The preferred method of those who need quick entry and mobility.  Just put your boot up and kick with your weight.  Just remember to kick the door handle and not the door, lest you want your foot inside the door.

5.  Mechanical Breach

So many good tools, battering rams, axes, to the hooligan, the choices can bring a smile to a man’s face.  Mechanical breaching requires a hardened tool and some effort by the operator to open most doors.  Remember, you have to be smarter than the tool you use.

4.  Shotgun

Also known as ballistic breaching, you can obliterate any door lock mechanism instantly.  Shoot at a 45 degree angle at the top of the door handle.  Watch out for debris, eye pro is strongly recommended.

3.  Water Charge

Good for drinking, bathing and breaching.  A water charge uses good H20 packed with some explosives behind it to become one of the most exciting explosive breaching methods available.

2.  Try the door handle

Before you try to Chuck Norris your way into the building with fancy heavy equipment, try the door handle, the answer may surprise you.  FYI, check for traps first.

1.  M1A2 Abrams

Sixty-eight tons of fun can breach a door or a building very quickly, violently and effectively.  They have been known to breach all the doors in a building at once.  If you need to breach a door in a hurry you can go wrong with a tracked vehicle with a 120mm smoothbore cannon.


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