John Burk Doesn't Care

3 Reasons John Burk Doesn’t Care What You Think

Reason #1

Fit Soldiers Fighting For Our Nation
Interesting… doesn’t look like any of these soldiers failed the tape test

America was fought for on the backs of fit young men who did their share in creating what we now know as the land of the free and home of the brave. That America was better than the one we have today where everyone gets a prize for participation. Those days are grinding us into one of the laziest and most overweight nations in the world. It has to end.

Reason #2

John Burk Drill Sergeant Meme
Your opinions don’t train them, my motivation does.

As drill sergeant I have trained the most recent generation of warfighters. These are the men and women willing to enter the arena at the expense of their own lives, in order to defend your freedom. It’s my job to make sure they succeed. They don’t ask for your sympathy, appreciation or accolades. But there aren’t enough of them, and that problem is only getting worse. It’s estimated that by 2020 nearly 80% of this nation’s youth will not qualify to enter the military because they are fat bodies. Mom… knock the doughnut out of little Timmy’s mouth so he can pick up a rifle and have some honor.

Reason #3

John Burk In The Arena
Join Me In The Arena, I’ll save you a seat.

The only people that are offended are the couch loving keyboard warriors. Those opinions will never matter to me. Did Spartacus ask permission to amass an army of gladiators? Absolutely not… and neither will I. Get used to it ladies and gentlemen. I say fuck your feelings, and fuck failure. My style of in your face, get up off your ass motivation is effective, and it’s here to stay.

Know what we're sayin fam?

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11 thoughts on “3 Reasons John Burk Doesn’t Care What You Think”

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    This man is a warrior maker. True mentally and physically fit warriors understand his technique. Thank you John Burk

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    Yes! I grew up in the Army and now serve in the Air Force. The principles that I grew up with don’t seem to mesh well with those around around me.
    So many people refuse to put any effort in to bettering themselves because you have the hurt feelings police telling them they’re beautiful just the way they are.
    I want to say thank you for saying and doing what you do.
    Thank you for your service.

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    Just like Jon can call out fat people in a pro hormonal rage. Im only saying this because I care..have you watched the video? That ego tho lol if dude gave a damn about kids he wouldn’t be cussing on the internet. Everyone has access to it. Just another fake out for attention. People get lazy and may need to be pushed extremely hard to conquer obstacles. What gets me is dude saying he was bullied and then goes on calling people fat and disgusting. Then hes like “i dont know why its the fat kids but it always is” LMAOOO…Its entertaining for sure. Confused and hypocritucal is exactly what this guy demonstrates. A creep who’s watching others with a physical disadvantage and mumbling with disgust under his breath. Why dont you go up to people and tell them like a man? Tell the kids to! If i had a problem with a person or if I was disgusted I would speak up or remove myself from the situation. Its weakminds like his that arent here for anyone but themself. Crazy the attention you can get for some 5th grade name calling. It just like calling a cripple a broke dick..but saying you did it out of care…. what’s up with that professionalism and discipline? Where did that go? Maybe its in the laundry basket with his gym shirt…its to easy to call somone lazy and fat, especially on the internet…Be a man. Confront someone and say that shit…got to a planet fitness and wait outside the door. Youll see many fat people…jon should probably wait until his cycle ends and he gets some balls to get out in the world….everyone has freedom of speech but weak minds fold like a fucking chair…

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    there’s not much more to say than hell yeah. i train harder and harder every time i go to the gym. i had reconstructive shoulder surgery in December and started feeling sorry for myself till one day i said fuck this and started hitting the gym every day. i train with my plate carrier and old marine corps plates and an altitude training mask every time. i try to make it as hard as possible because i dont want to die surrounded by whiny pansies.
    i may not be captain america, i may never be special forces, but i WILL die a MAN.

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    Maybe a leadership course would help you be more effective about your message. You speak on fat people / overweight people and make the ASSumption that it is because they are eating too much.
    WRONG. maybe you should study some physiology before opening your vapid mouth and looking the foul mouthed fool.

    Point one – You are correct there are many in the country that think the “muffin Top” look is okay as long as “I am happy with it. ” That there are many people that hit the Buffet lines to get as much as they can and you are correct, there are. It becomes a systemic down hill slide to an unhealthful life style for many people. We as a country do not train people to eat correctly for their body type.

    Yep there are different body types. Endomorph types of bodies will never be thin and muscular as it is simply not in their genetics with out huge amounts of training and even then maybe not. While Endomorphs have no problem what so ever keeping it “lean and mean”. Generalizations of fat people just make you look like a fat head. Get out the “roid” brain cell, clean it off and use it. It’s why God gave it to you in the first place.

    Point Two- Personal intervention works best. I like you have challenges people that I have met or known to lose weight using the same logic of kids to have impact. I don’t shame but simply state- ” it is a journey of balance and looking after yourself first. Just like on the airplane, ” Put your mask on first and then for your child.” “If you need help I am here. Here is my number/ email.”

    Point three- NOT eating will cause you to blow up like a balloon.
    I have struggled with weight issues most of my life after getting hepatitis at age 8 and putting on 40 lbs because of seclusion and illness drugs. I kept it on because of bad advice and I am now in my fifties and fighting for my life to change and have lost 100lbs and need to lose 50 more to be at Insurance standards weight.
    You want to know how I did it? I started to EAT. I now eat about four times what I was eating and I am losing weight slowly but steadily a pound here and there. Sometimes I get busy and forget to eat and I actually GAIN weight back. I have never liked to eat as it gets in the way of getting other things done but now with diabetes I HAVE to eat or I risk death because of blood sugar issues.

    I discovered the metabolic issue after having body temps in the 93.5-95.7 range over many doctor visits. When I eat regularly I have a body temp in the 98.2-98.7 range and I sweat and can feel the body using the fuel I put in.

    Balance the meal with anything you want to eat as long as the proteins / fast carb and Slow carbs are in correct ratio and people will start to lose weight.

    Don’t judge when you are not aware of the issues you F’n FAT HEAD!!8-D

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    John Burk’s style of “in your face, get up off your ass motivation” was effective enough to help me lose 30lbs

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    John Burk seems to think he is the only mfer in the world that has fought in a war, or served. Kid, your experience is neither special nor unique. Your mental illness is obvious, and your out of control rages are pathetic. You are no better than some attention whore internet thot looking for more attention. Your desperate attempt to be relevant in an arena of people that are successful is sad.


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