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Michael Moore is Back Attacking the Military

Michael Moore is Back Attacking the Military

michael mooreIt’s been a while since Michael Moore was making news. He seems to have missed the spot light (while not missing any meals). What better way to get yourself back in the news than to take on that fabled “military industrial complex” that people just love to attack.  He’s got a new movie coming out so what better way to generate some buzz than to go after the military. From the Army Times:

After a six-year hiatus, Michael Moore is back. This time he’s taking on the “military-industrial complex,” American interventionism and war in a new documentary called “Where to Invade Next,” which will premiere in September.


The controversial filmmaker said in an online Q&A session, posted on Twitter, that his new movie — kept under wraps until now  — is a “film of epic nature.” Moore has said little of the movie, which will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, taking place Sept. 10-20.

“Where to Invade Next” will focus on what Moore views as the United States’ continued search for enemies to benefit the military-industrial complex (the one that President Dwight Eisenhower warned of in a 1961 speech.)

Read the rest at ArmyTimes.com

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7 thoughts on “Michael Moore is Back Attacking the Military”

  1. Avatar
    Spencer Maclean

    Once again, people make the mistake of confusing those who start wars with those who fight it. If anyone thinks his film will attack people like us, they’re absolutely wrong.

  2. Avatar

    This is one asshead that I would probably stand by with popcorn and coke in hand if ISIS got hold of him….but I’d want something really painful and long….like maybe being visited by multiple scorpions or something like that. Or maybe those fish that like to invade bodily orifices.

    I have been so jaded by the shit that has been going on to tear down our Country that I really don’t give a damn anymore. Fuck’em all; they no longer deserve the luxury of the protections of this Country.

    But that’s just me…..


  3. Avatar

    Michael Moore is nothing but a lazy fat piece of crap.. If he believes this movie of his will attack the military he’s wrong.. There are millions of people that would give anything to watch this man get captured by Isis.. I would gladly watch as he wishes they would send the military to get him.

  4. Avatar

    This POS should be air lifted and dropped out of a Combat Talon over Bagdad but it would take three parachutes for his fat ass. He would look great with a third eye. But that’s just my opinion.

  5. Avatar

    Before you blast Moore for attacking the military….. start by attacking the greatest general of WWII, Dwight David Eisenhower, Republican president of the US. He was present at the creation of the military industrial complex that rules our country today. He knew better than anyone what a Dick Cheney might do, sticking our dicks into places we didn’t need to go, and spending a trillion or so, along with destroying untold American families and the lives of millions of innocent people in Iraq. And then the neoCons fired the Iraq Baathist military and left them with no role in rebuilding the country, so what do they do? ISIS. Your brain is for thinking, your dick is for fucking, not vice versa.


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