In the Arena Podcast episode 2

In the Arena Podcast Episode 2

John Burk is back with episode 2 of the In the Arena podcast. In this episode, John sits down with the founder and CEO of Grunt Style, Daniel Alarik.

Join John and Daniel as they talk about motivation and what it takes to be the best. Daniel discusses the successes and failures he has had in business while building the Grunt Style brand. For anyone who thinks that success comes easy, Daniel and John are here to tell you that it doesn’t but if you are committed to working hard, you can achieve your goals whether in the business world or the fitness world or anywhere you need to work to be successful.


Tune in to the podcast to hear the story of Daniel Alarik and Grunt Style who found out that to be successful, you need to get in the arena and battle every day.

In the Arena Podcast Episode 2 – Daniel Alarik, Founder and CEO of Grunt Style

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