Day to Night

Day to Night

Day to Night
John Preston

John Preston is a singer/songwriter who is giving back through his music. John, a combat veteran who deployed to Iraq while in the Marine Corps, is donating 30%  of the proceeds from EP “Your War is Over” to the  Boot Campaign. The newest song “Day to Night” fills a special place in his heart. The video is a tribute to Sergeant Charles C Strong an Element Member from Marines Special Operations Team 8214.

John sat down to write in March 2015 without the intent of telling this story, but “it was like my words and hands were guided when I sat down at the piano.” Sgt. Strong’s wife, Taylor stated that the song was “like reading one of his letters upon first hearing it.”



The video for “Day to Night” is being released on 15 September, 2015 the one year anniversary of Sgt. Strong’s death in Herat Province, Afghanistan. The release date on this anniversary, is not only for Charles, but for all veterans past, present, and future, to show that there are still men out there who are “starring down the sights at evil and will be pulling the trigger for your freedom.” At the time of his death, Sgt. Strong was preparing for the arrival of his first child, a daughter, in December.

To show your support for John as he continues to write songs and sing to help the lives of patriots, you can purchase Day to Night or his whole album on Itunes.

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