Refugees: yes or no

Refugees: yes or no

refugeesSince the terrorist attacks in Paris last week, the news and social media have been lit up over Syrian refugees coming to the U.S. It has become heated on both sides with many different ideas being thrown out. No refugees, all the refugees, only christian refugees, and highly vetted (what does that actually mean), are a few of the many responses. I am going to go out on a limb and say that most people would agree that not all Syrians are radicalized terrorists, just like not all Muslims are out to kill you. IS the situation in Syria that has caused this huge number of refugees sad? Of course. No one should be driven out of their homes because of a small sect of assholes. However, the question now becomes what to do with those displaced. Leonard Benton from The Havok Journal had an idea:

… I don’t want the Syrians given refugee status. It is not about who they are or even the potential threat they may represent. There are enough guns and ammunition in private hands in this nation to handle all but an actual army with full military equipment like tanks. But given some of the weapons I have seen in the hands of private individuals, and the information in my own head, I am not too concerned even if they have tanks. A tank is just a metal coffin.

I don’t want them here because I am tired of watching the people of the ‘religion of peace’ run to countries they ostensibly hate when they need help because they refuse to stand up for themselves. I don’t want them here because while the financial burden would not really be that bad, there are Veterans who are homeless, can’t find a job, or go hungry. There are citizens who could use the gracious help of the nation and they don’t get it.

I don’t want them here because this is a political maneuver using a perversion of our history.WhatsNewButtonDown_Magazine5I will offer a possible solution that allows Americans to feel they are doing something, politicians to claim action, and it will help the Syrians in two ways.

Utilizing the Navy and Marines, land and amphibious assault on the Syrian coastline, say at Latakia, and secure a beach head. There are already port facilities. Move forward and add Army units to clear a foothold and expand the perimeter. Then invite any Syrian who wants safety to come inside the containment area while continually expanding the safe zone.

You could call it an act of war, but we are already fighting there even if it limited to airstrikes and ‘trainers’. We would notify the Syrian government that we are simply helping to rescue their people and at the same time we could hunt down the Islamic State in our spare time.

We would still be spending tax dollars, more in fact. We would be risking American lives, but many would willingly accept this instead of accepting refugees. And we would be in a great position to eradicate a group that really needs to meet their god.

Allowing Syrian refugees does not fix anything. And it creates turmoil, overblown and irrational but still there, which we don’t need. It is much better to keep them on their home soil even if it means protecting since they are incapable of protecting themselves.

Why allow displaced citizens to suffer the privation of leaving their homes. We can kill their enemies and guard them from themselves. I think it is a much better solution to the problem.

See the full article from The Havok Journal.

While this is an interesting idea, I’m not sure that it would work. Making safe zones could ease some of the problems, but we would probably still be looking at inviting terrorists in. I want to close with something that came to me in the last day or two. With the idea of vetting refugees, how would anyone be able to say one way or the other if someone will be a terrorist? For some reason I have the image running through my head of women or children picking up weapons, or as potential suicide bombers. It is something that many Service members have seen first hand or at least a “i know a guy” situation. I’m not sure if it is that subconsciously or maybe I am just an asshole who has no heart, for not wanting to just open the gates. These people certainly need help, but is it possible with the climate of our Nation?

Please share your thoughts on this as well as how to handle the refugees either in the comments, or on Facebook.

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4 thoughts on “Refugees: yes or no”

  1. This is a tough issue to make a clear definitive opinion. It is relatively complicated.

    Syria has always been a conflicted area among so many factions probably well since the days of the Ottoman Empire. Syria is also the last remnant of World War 1 politics. The Baathist Party of Assad for example has origins to World War 2 Nazis.

    Granted, not every Moslem wants to kill, tax or maybe not even convert every or any non Moslem. However, at same time the Koran and varied Islamic Teachings even when studied by liberal scholars who are honest will consistently state the Koran and Islamic Teachings do call all Moslems to kill, tax, enslave or Convert every non Moslem.

    I am no supporter of Trump. But, he does have a good plan. Put a safe zone in Syria for peaceful Syrians to live.

    Personally, if it was my decision The only Syrians who are truly persecuted are the Syrian Christian minority.

    The preferred immigrants in my opinion would be the Syrian Christians and the Central American children who can be adopted by U.S citizens. I would also support priority immigration of Central American Women who agree to make babies with U.S Citizens. God knows the U.S.A is in a desperate shortage of babies being born.

  2. Nooooo, because the 2 Boston bombers were refugees too, and Obama don’t care because he is living office, of course let someone else Deal with it, and those refugees are coming with free housing, meals and money and what about our veterans, struggling to find jobs and housing on their own country, some one needs to stop the president, he is going to destroy the country. I don’t want to live in a place afraid to go to a public place and that is what going to happen.

  3. I agree create a safe zone in Syria. Keep them in their home country. Start taking care of our homeless and jobless veterans! Period end of story!

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