Why I’m staying home on Black Friday

Why I’m staying home on Black Friday

We are at that time of year again where it’s time to shop the awesome sales of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Every years the deals get better and better and sales go higher and higher. While some of the deals are great though, there are also some major downsides.

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1) The times that stores open

Every year we have seen stores open at ridiculous times, to try and entice the most shoppers possible. Usually you see lines outside late Thursday evening with doors opening anywhere from 12:00 am to 7:00 am, and even some stores sticking to their traditional hours. This year however many stores are going to open to begin their sales on Thanksgiving. One of the earliest times i have seen that continues into Friday is 3:00 pm on Thursday going through the night and until  10:00 pm Friday. Another major retailer is going even earlier on Thursday but closing at midnight to reopen at 5:00 am Friday.

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There are so many things wrong with this! One, these bastards aren’t even waiting for dinner to be served to push in store deals. Two, it’s called Black Friday not “Black Thursday”, “Black Thanksgiving”, or even “Black Turkey day”. Why are these brick and mortar stores doing this. It takes the fun out of making fun of people who will wait for hours in the cold. Three, there is Football on and beer to drink! Since drinking and shopping is not yet a thing, I want none of it. Thanksgiving is a sacred day of food, football, and drinking with those we love. People actually going out to these stores are missing prime time NFL and College Football (Wreck ‘Em Tech). What the hell is wrong with these crazies?BlackFriday_Magazine22) The Crowds are insane.
I don’t like crowds on a normal day out shopping. Multiply the number of people by BFSALE^2 (thats Black Friday squared for the non-math folks) and you have entirely to many people for comfort. Any idea what happens when you have so many people trying to get deals and hard to find gifts? I will remind you of 1983 (I wasn’t born).


This is not the only time this has happened. Each year brings new people fighting for deals, and each years it gets worse. Black Friday has led to a reported 7 deaths and 98 injuries (this seems very low) according to BlackFridayDeathcount. The last thing someone should have to deal with is getting their ass kicked  or dying trying to save a little money.BlackFriday_Magazine23) There is an easier way

The internets have given us the ability to make the most of our time and not deal with the crazies. A lot of the same deals can now be found online for Black Friday through Cyber Monday. This gives the ability to knock out some shopping, eat some damn turkey, drink a beer or seven (maybe even some whiskey), and watch football with my feet kicked up like George Washington and our founding Fathers intended. Between websites, mobile sites, and apps, it is insane to deal with the times and crowds at dark thirty when it’s 20 degrees outside.

Whatever you do, enjoy the season and the sales. Grunt Style will have some huge sales through cyber Monday. Enjoy our Pre-Black Friday sale, and check back for bigger sales Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

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1 thought on “Why I’m staying home on Black Friday”

  1. I went on a Black Friday Shopping Trip about 10 years ago with my then 13 year old daughter with her friend tagging along. We stopped by a Home Depot that had bales of hay stacked in piles. Daughter and her friend found the bales of hay too tempting to use them as gymnastics pads. Knocking bales of hay all over the place. Told myself I would never do that again. So now I never go shopping within a month of November to December.

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