Joining The Marine Corps: Expectation VS. Reality

Joining The Marine Corps: Expectation VS. Reality

The Marine Corps has a reputation in the public’s eye that it is the most elite of the Armed Forces (and most Marines would agree with that) and that everything about being a Marine is just plain glorious.  Well, we did some research with the Marines here at Grunt Style and found that expectations often differ from reality.  Here are some examples:

Boot Camp:  Every branch has their own version, this is where you learn the bare bones of what it means to be a warrior.

Expectation: You get to learn to throw rifles like a boss, like in the recruitment commercials!

Photo courtesy of USMC

Reality: You’re getting screamed at 24/7 for doing what you were told…

Photo courtesy of USMC


Getting To Your Unit:  After Boot Camp and your MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) school, you get sent to your Duty Station.

ExpectationThere’s a lot of great places to go!

Photo courtesy of USMC


RealityThe one you’re going to isn’t one of them…

Photo courtesy of USMC





Going To CombatFinally, after all the training and bull shit, you get to go kill something.

Expectation: KILL! KILL! KILL!

Photo courtesy of USMC


Photo courtesy of USMC


We hope you enjoyed this!  Stay tuned for part 2, let us know what other “Expectations VS Reality’s” you would like to see in the comments or on Facebook!

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2 thoughts on “Joining The Marine Corps: Expectation VS. Reality”

  1. Avatar

    You forgot to add this:

    Expectation: Every pretty girl you ever fantasized about will instantly become attracted to you and will agree to make as many babies as possible. Well because your USMC genes are the top of human evolution.

    Reality: Jody came by and all you got were sloppy seconds.


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