Top Grunt Style Videos Of 2015 [VIDEO]

Top Grunt Style Videos Of 2015 [VIDEO]

2015 has been a hell of a year.  Grunt style hosted the second annual Limit of Advance, which pushed participants harder than any Tough Mudder, or Spartan Race ever has.  We sponsored the Lt Dan Band at Cantigney Park and tested the best custom ARs with Tactical Edge.  We’ve thrown epic parties, and put down our years worth of booze.  We’ve been visited by country stars, war heroes, and inspiring characters who have overcome incredible injuries in training and combat.

Luckily, for these events and for all of the hilarious moments in the office, we had the cameras rolling.  So, here’s the top 5 videos that feature the best characters and tomfoolery of the year.  Enjoy!

5. Lt Dick Gets Left Behind

4. Lt Dick Finds Grunt Style


3. SSgt Fable (Shit Recruiters Say)


2. Blue Falcon

1. Infantry I.T. Guy

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