Bullies Taken Down via Sleepover Invite

Hell hath no fury like a girl who’s just learned her little sister has bullies. Ava wasted no time addressing the group of girls harassing her sibling, and her babysitter had to share the brilliance. According to TheChive:

When babysitter, Daisy, caught wind of a savage ‘sleepover invitation’ sent by the 12-year-old girl she was sitting, she tweeted it for all the world to see. The little girl had recently discovered that her younger sister was being bullied by a bunch of girls and instead of letting her sis’ suffer in silence, she did what all awesome older siblings would do and defended her. But the action the 12-year-old took is beyond brilliant.


What started out as an innocent invitation quickly turns into a no-holds-barred “suggestion” that the bullies cease their behavior immediately or “If you can’t make it, don’t worry, you can come to my angry and emotional 7th grader wrath instead!”

Just in case the invite isn’t clear enough, she also makes sure to write “stop” in as many languages as possible on the back. You can never be too careful.

The original tweet, first posted in April, now has 30,000 likes and 16,000 retweets. Which is awesome; bullies should know that their actions have consequences. We applaud Ava for her actions. You are an awesome sister.

Read more about Ava, and see the full invitation here.

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