baseball with beer

Woman Tries to Catch a Baseball with Beer

Some people will go to great lengths for a foul ball. But trying to grab a baseball with beer… that just crosses the line.

Thea Vierling usually brings a glove to baseball stands; multiple balls have come her way in previous games.

But on Saturday, she forgot her glove, and inexplicably decided to use her snack tray (including a perfectly good beer), as a substitute catching device. The Video has since been turned into a vine with over 2 million views in the last two days.

She initially caught the ball in her cup of beer, only to have it smash everything else and crack her cup.  She wound up with the baseball later, and posed for this picture:

baseball with beer

 The player responsible for the situation was Arizona’s Paul Goldschmidt, who had just hit a foul ball.


As an apology to everyone covered in beer, Vierling bought those affected some snacks, and replaced her own. Which is a nice thing to do, but let’s not forget the real lesson here. Bring a glove to games, and please, please don’t try to catch a baseball with beer. It’s just not fair to the beer!

Baseball with beer

Just look at her face of regret. We feel it deep in our souls.

RIP beer. You will be missed.


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