WOW! Watch this High School Student Out-Shoot Her Competition

Jessica Kirkham’s shooting will shut down anyone that says that 19th century firearms are cumbersome and hard to handle. If you ever have the chance to witness or participate in a Cowboy Action Shooting contest, take it. You might just be surprised at how older guns can shoot.

Here’s a video of her against a female competitor during the SASS 2016 Winter Range. Kirkham completely schools her opponent. They shoot lever-action rifles, single-action revolvers, SXS shotguns, and then finally go back to their cowboy carbine for a reload and fire.

If she looks insanely good, that’s only because she is. Kirkham was the Overall World Champion of Cowboy Action Shooting in 2015 and has earned her nickname of  “SASS kicker.” She’s gotten several other awards under her belt, too, including a few state championship wins in both Nevada and Arizona.


Here Kirkham faces off against Robyn DeVault as the top female shooter from the Winter Range (DeVault was the top Male shooter).

Blame her insane training regimen for her incredibly smooth shooting. “Practices instructed by [my trainer] were generally once or twice a month, three to four hours long and we usually shot around 1000 rounds per practice.  Dry firing took place in our basement, five days a week and usually an hour long,” she said during this interview.

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