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Calling all patriots! We Just Found Your New Favorite Clothing Line

Being a true American patriot is about more than hanging a flag on your front porch for the Fourth of July. It’s about more than voting during each election cycle. And it’s about more than removing your hat during the national anthem during your favorite sporting event.

Being a true American patriot means you support the constitution. You demand freedom of speech, you believe in your right to own firearms, and you refuse to allow your privacy to be invaded without due process.

If there is one group of individuals who recognize patriotism more than anyone else, it’s the fine men and women of the United States military. The very same people who put their lives on the line day and night so we can live in a free and fair country.

Among those veterans is former Army Drill Sergeant Daniel Alarik, a veteran of Operation Joint Forge. He also happens to be the founder of our new favorite hyper-patriotic clothing line called Grunt Style.

Why Do We Love Grunt Style?

This company is unwaveringly Patriotic. When Alarik started the company his first employee was a former veteran. As he expanded from one office to another, he continued to hire patriotic Americans. In fact, more than 70% of his 100+ staff are former members of the United States military.

The clothes at Grunt Style are also made in America right in the heart of the Midwest. You really can’t get more American than US veterans making your shirts in the Midwest, USA.

When Alarik was coming up for the concept behind his company he knew his main goal was to bring the best parts of his Army experience to the masses — specifically his beliefs of patriotism and service.

The Shirts Captures Patriotism Perfectly

Every single shirt in the Grunt Style collection is designed by, manufactured by, and shipped by US veterans.

The clothing at the company ranges from streetwear, to activewear, and even a line of professional wear that still allows patriotic Americans to show their support for our troops and our freedoms.

Grunt Style Grunt Style Grunt Style Grunt Style Grunt Style
As you can see, the company isn’t afraid to stand tall with some strongly worded quotes and comments. “Lead Me, Follow Me, Or Get Out Of My Way,” nobody really speaks to the patriotic mentality of our strong and proud nation than Brigadier General Charles S. Patton.

Patriotism isn’t just for men, so the company has also released an entire line of women’s clothing. Many of the same designs offered on the Men’s T-Shirts are also available for female shoppers.



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Supporting American Heroes

Your purchase could help change the life of an American hero. The company is very active in supporting the very same organizations that many of its employees work with and participate in.

Alarik serves on the board of Active Heroes and has raised funds for Battle in Distress, Stolen Valor and Running with a Cause.

“I would not have it any other way,” Alarik said. “I get to work with people I absolutely love and I am very patriotic and very proud.”

The Beer Guarantee

Every shirt comes with what the company calls a “beer guarantee.” That means if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase they will take it back, even if you spill beer on it.

It’s that exact type of confidence in it product that echoes the American manufacturing spirit of yesteryear.

Grunt Style isn’t for everyone but for red blooded Americans who want to stand tall with our nation’s heroes, there isn’t a better apparel company in the United States.

Check out and see for yourself why over 2 million patriotic Grunt Style t-shirts have been shipped to American shoppers who still give a damn about our country and what it has always stood for.

Know what we're sayin fam?

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45 thoughts on “Calling all patriots! We Just Found Your New Favorite Clothing Line”

  1. the_frumious_bandersnatch

    I too am a veteran of the US’ armed forces, and have just one minor quibble related to grammar and usage:
    “…When Alarik started the company his first employee was a former veteran…”
    I don’t think there is any way one can be a “former” veteran. By the American definition of the word, all of us who have served will always be veterans; even after we die. (FYI, there are some European countries in which the word “veteran” has a different meaning.)
    Thank you for allowing me to post this.

  2. thank God for this man and his company. After this , I’m off to open his website and order a shirt. It’s about time America gets back to manufacturing stuff here and not china.
    Navy vet 69-73

    1. Hope Meeks-Sherrod

      Mr. Darrow, first, please allow me to extend my thanks to you and all active and inactive members of our aArmed Forces. Most days I can recognize a Veteran just by looking into their eyes and I try to thank every one that I see. My “two Dads” we’re in Vietnam. After first Dad left that place, he was reassigned to Ansbauch, Germany. My Mom and older sister were allowed to accompany him. When they returned to an airport in New Jersey, instead of “Welcome home, son. Damn glad to see you” or something like that, this idiotic shrew “VERY LITERALLY SPAT UPON MY PARENTS AND SISTER!!”. Somehow my Father grabbed my Mom and sister and made a dignified exit.
      The point of this story is that if you and other veterans were treated this way, please let me be the person that says to you and others “Welcome home, Sir or Ma’am, Thank you so much for your service, for your sacrifice, my freedom, my civil liberties and May God Bless you and yours.” As for this website, I agree with you whole heartedly! I am so grateful for a US based, Veteran owned company that has a US based company with Veteran employees!! I like you will be on this man’s site as soon as I leave this page. Mr. Alarik, thank you so very much for your no bullshit way that you do business. I realize that I went out in the weeds for a bit. Your website is probably the single most website that will be viewed by members of all branches of our Armed Forces, both active and inactive. Please forgive my rant about the Newark incident.
      I want one of everything!! Your website is amazing! I’m going to spread the word about your company. May God Bless you, your company and your employees. I truly hope that you are very successful in both the health of your company and your self. May you be at peace. Hope M. S.

      1. By the time I rotated back, the DOD knew to not mix us with civilians, so they had a section of a Honolulu Airport terminal end divided from civilians by a 20 yard “DMZ”. We weren’t allowed to mix with American civilians. Unthinkable today.

  3. I am thrilled to read about an American success story, especially a veteran run, made in American success story!!!
    I wish them all the success in the world. Where can we buy these shirts?
    GOD Bless you all. We need more of these stories.

  4. I bet my first Sargent would love one of these shirts
    And maybe the rest of the cadet’s in my company to
    I’m going to show my hole JROTC class these shirts
    I hope one of them check out the shirts and get one
    From – zeron

  5. Johnny A Moncayo Jr

    Once a Veteran always a Veteran. I gave an oath and that oath is still in effect even after my retirement.

    Johnny Moncayo
    CW4 RET

  6. I just saw your site for the first time. I will show it to my husband and sons tonight. I promise I will order from you guys soon for the holidays.

    Thank you so much for protecting my family and I. I pray for you each night in my prayers and your families. God Bless each and everyone of you!!!!! I wish you much success.

  7. Nice products. American men and women that serve is the most honorable service given. More honorable than the politicians that receive more pay and better health care. This is wrong. Thank you all veterans and those who are currently serving! You are appreciated by millions no matter what the few negative and igorant voices say.

  8. I am a veteran and I love this company. They make a great product. I have had many positive comments from people when they read what is printed on the tee shirts.

  9. Thank You! For standing up for America, and for the wonderful people that fight for us; We the People……that can’t physically do it for ourselves!
    Wishing you the BEST!

  10. An American Veteran created, owned, operated business – HOORAH!
    These products are great gifts for veterans in our families, friends, and patriotic Americans.
    God Bless Sgt. Alarik! Praying for your Success!

    from Anna,
    on the Homefront for Family War Veterans

  11. I’m a veteran an proud of it. Americans need too wake up and smell the shit the political are telling us..
    American first. .

  12. Do not ever let anyone ever forget what you have given your fellow vets. Be proud of what you have done for your country. May God bless you your family and the United States of America.

  13. Edward Blackwell

    Thank you so much for what you are doing and what you are saying………. SEMPER FI !!! And thank you for your service.

  14. harold glyn morgan

    great read, i was drafted but am proud for my service and still get a chill when the star bandard is played,
    spec 4 morgan
    us 54-330-800

  15. I bought several already! Great cause, Great service, Cool shirts! I had an issue with one shirt, they said, “keep it, we’ll send another.” I’ll be buying more and encourage you to buy a few VERY COOL SHIRTS, to support a cause that helped us gain our freedom! LOVE THIS COMPANY and everything it stands for!!!

  16. I am a member of Club Grunt style meaning I get a new shirt each month. They fit better, stretch better, look better and they are made by fellow Veterans. I rarely wear any other shirt. My favorite is my Golf Foxtrot Yankee shirt. You cannot beat that with a stick and a nail in it.

  17. I meant to sign up for the email thing that shows up when you visit your site but as I hit submit I realized there was a wrong letter and it was too late. so there was an incorrect email address.

    appreciate you help

    1. Hey Barb,

      There’s a sign up form on the front page of the site, too. Should be able to sign up from there 🙂

  18. This makes me even more proud to be a Vet, and Vets, supporting Vet owned Business’s is part of “LET’S MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. ” Have you got a T-Shirt that has a built in Beer Belly Pouch with 2 pockets for us Older Vietnam “SEABEE” Vets? Also do you make Company Work Shirts, both long and short sleeve, and if so can you put on the back of the shirts, our name and Lugo? AMERICAN VETS AND FRIENDS MASONRY SCHOOL INC?

  19. I received a t-shirt as a gift. I sent it back after getting paint on it and received a new one in a few weeks. Amazing.

  20. Charles S Patton is indeed a retired USMC Brigadier General . However the quote “Lead, Follow or Get out of the way” is attributed to General (four stars not one) George S. Patton (no relation)

  21. Love their products! Another great company that is doing their thing is Veteran created and owned out of Savannah, GA and they have some great products too. I don’t work for them, just saying both companies have some great products!

  22. A WWII Navy veteran, age 90 now. Great to have the opportunity to back the company and its products. I served 43 to 47 and I was really tired. Remember that was the war we won!

  23. I have an ATV cabin & rv site resort on the Hatfield~McCoy Trails in southern WV. I am interested to know if you would “private label” shirts for me with your design on the front or back & my ATV resort design/logo on the front or back. Let me know if you would be interested. I am a small boutique resort but have access to a LOT of people. Call me to hear more, including even a possible spot on HGTV !

    Annie Kelly, owner
    Devil Anse ATV Resort

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