Basic Training Story

Basic Training Story #4138

So its white phase during BCT April 2013.  We are having our second health and wellfare inspection. All of the male soldiers are standing outside while the DSs are upstairs with the female PVTs going through their sh*t. When they finally come downstairs the look on our SDS’s face is of pure shock and disgust.

He starts to walk away, but all of a sudden turns around and runs up to one of the female privates who we will call private F and yells, “WTF Private F! Why the hell would you keep that in your locker? I aint no Vampire! I’m not looking for a f*cking snack!”

Needless to say all of the male soldiers were a bit confused. It wasn’t until after the SDS had walked away that another female private told us that our SDS had found a bag of USED TAMPONS inside private F’s wall locker.

Yeah that put the whole bit about him not being a vampire and not needing a snack into a whole new perspective

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2 thoughts on “Basic Training Story #4138”

  1. William Breyfogle

    When my son the Marine was in Boot Camp, he was excitable, shall we say? Everything he did was twice as fast, twice as loud, as the rest of his fellow recruits.
    Military cadence was his sin of choice. As a high school student, he used a cadence tape to run in the evenings.
    So it came as no surprise to anyone when he would spontaneously call out cadences to his company while running and doing PT.
    What DID come as a surprise to everyone, his DIs especially, was the time he added “interpretive dance” to his cadence repertoir.
    Remember the cadence: “When my grand mama was 98
    She meet St. Peter at the Pearly Gate
    She said “St. Peter, sorry I’m late”
    She went side-straddle hoppin’ through the Pearly Gate …”
    At that point in the chant, he hopped out of formation (while the company was running, mind you), and began demonstrating the side-straddle hop in front of his amazed Drill Instructors, his company, other companies and just generally the entire rest of MCRD. The only recognizable words to come out of his senior DI’s mouth before the tirade began was “Private, why you got to embarrass me like that?” History does not record how long the smoke session lasted nor what words were handed to my son the private.

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