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Calling all patriots! We Just Found Your New Favorite Clothing Line

Being a true American patriot is about more than hanging a flag on your front porch for the Fourth of July. It’s about more than voting during each election cycle. And it’s about more than removing your hat during the national anthem during your favorite sporting event.

Being a true American patriot means you support the constitution. You demand freedom of speech, you believe in your right to own firearms, and you refuse to allow your privacy to be invaded without due process.

If there is one group of individuals who recognize patriotism more than anyone else, it’s the fine men and women of the United States military. The very same people who put their lives on the line day and night so we can live in a free and fair country.

Among those veterans is former Army Drill Sergeant Daniel Alarik, a veteran of Operation Joint Forge. He also happens to be the founder of our new favorite hyper-patriotic clothing line called Grunt Style.

Why Do We Love Grunt Style?

This company is unwaveringly Patriotic. When Alarik started the company his first employee was a former veteran. As he expanded from one office to another, he continued to hire patriotic Americans. In fact, more than 70% of his 100+ staff are former members of the United States military.

The clothes at Grunt Style are also made in America right in the heart of the Midwest. You really can’t get more American than US veterans making your shirts in the Midwest, USA.

When Alarik was coming up for the concept behind his company he knew his main goal was to bring the best parts of his Army experience to the masses — specifically his beliefs of patriotism and service.

The Shirts Captures Patriotism Perfectly

Every single shirt in the Grunt Style collection is designed by, manufactured by, and shipped by US veterans.

The clothing at the company ranges from streetwear, to activewear, and even a line of professional wear that still allows patriotic Americans to show their support for our troops and our freedoms.

Grunt Style Grunt Style Grunt Style Grunt Style Grunt Style
As you can see, the company isn’t afraid to stand tall with some strongly worded quotes and comments. “Lead Me, Follow Me, Or Get Out Of My Way,” nobody really speaks to the patriotic mentality of our strong and proud nation than Brigadier General Charles S. Patton.

Patriotism isn’t just for men, so the company has also released an entire line of women’s clothing. Many of the same designs offered on the Men’s T-Shirts are also available for female shoppers.

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Supporting American Heroes

Your purchase could help change the life of an American hero. The company is very active in supporting the very same organizations that many of its employees work with and participate in.

Alarik serves on the board of Active Heroes and has raised funds for Battle in Distress, Stolen Valor and Running with a Cause.

“I would not have it any other way,” Alarik said. “I get to work with people I absolutely love and I am very patriotic and very proud.”

The Beer Guarantee

Every shirt comes with what the company calls a “beer guarantee.” That means if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase they will take it back, even if you spill beer on it.

It’s that exact type of confidence in it product that echoes the American manufacturing spirit of yesteryear.

Grunt Style isn’t for everyone but for red blooded Americans who want to stand tall with our nation’s heroes, there isn’t a better apparel company in the United States.

Check out and see for yourself why over 2 million patriotic Grunt Style t-shirts have been shipped to American shoppers who still give a damn about our country and what it has always stood for.

Know what we're sayin fam?

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68 thoughts on “Calling all patriots! We Just Found Your New Favorite Clothing Line”

    1. A Taylor, LCDR, USN (Ret)

      Sorry guys, tattered US flags are not symbols of patriotism, and to sell such is, in actuality, un-patriotic. If in real life you had such a tattered flag, protocol would call to burn it with dignity, not use it as a marketing tool for those ignorant of proper, honorable traditions.

      1. I thank you for your service and everyone else’s service that has also. I understand what your saying about a real tattered flag would be destroyed. But I believe that the designs of these shirts are just showing that even though that the flag is tattered that it won’t stop the troops that are fighting and that they will continue to fight and that the troops will continue to do their jobs. Just like the flag that got tattered at 9/11, the flag is displayed to show people that we can’t be stopped and that we’ll stand strong. So I don’t think you can compare these tattered flags on these shirts to a flag that you might at your house that might get damaged and then you should burn. But again thank you for protecting my family during your service, my family appreciates all of you for putting your life’s on the line for us…

        1. katherine ayers

          You tried really hard but I’m still not convinced A Taylor isn’t right on. But for you or him to think these printed tattered flag t-shirts are anything more than flag fad is laughable. People like a worn look and these are just that so why don’t you just own it? I like them. They don’t have that new smell to them (the flag, not the t shirt) and it is the latest chic fad to wear! quit talkin’ and wear ’em!

          1. I can see where it may look “tattered” but I must say, on first glance, I saw the flag as more of a more “faded Glory” effect as if to point at it being long standing, honored and “Forever May It Wave”. Hmmm. : }

        2. Well put, Joe. Cudos… And, I also would like to say “Thank You” to all veterans as well as all active service men & women fighting to protect our freedom, our lives & our country. And, I love the GruntStyle designs . Again, thank you for all you do & thank you Joe.

      2. Yea the tattered flag has never seemed right to me, but as teen I had a jean jacket which I sewed a 7×10″ flag on back of it. My farther WWII USMC went ballistic & made me remove it.I thought it was cool.He thought was horribly disrespectful.Maybe that’s why Im big on flags & etiquette now. Ive even told businesses they need to replace their flags when they get worn & frayed.Yea not crazy about tattered flag print. But I love concept and so glad to see more made in USA products.

      3. Sorry A Taylor, LCDR, USN (Ret). This is not a Flag. It is a representation of an ideal.
        A tattered image of a flag to me shows the idea of what the Flag represents is still present and we will not quit.
        I do agree 100% with your statement if that was a real flag.

      4. SSG Robert J Favela

        A tattered flag is not a call for destruction it’s a symbol of strength ! It’s a way of saying no matter what you try to so to us “AMERICANS” we will “STILL STAND TALL” ! You don’t have to burn a flag just because it’s old and beat up you can RETIRE AS WELL and put it in a frame of HONOR. This is what their shirt symbol means to “ME” it is FRAMED BY THE BEAUTIFUL AMERICAN WEARING IT!

        1. Negative, Favela. According to the U.S. Flag Code,:
          “The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning.”
          I agree that the flag is a symbol of strength, that is why it to be destroyed when it is no longer fit for display. The American Legion in your area will perform ceremonies by burying or burning the flag in a dignified way.

      5. Stephen McLendon

        I agree with you A TAYLOR, LCDR, USN (RET) that images, graphics, etc according to the US Flag Code that are worn on clothing whether shown tattered or not, is not acceptable. The US Flag code is there for a reason: to pay respect to the Flag of the United States of America. No other country in the world has such a code. It it: US CODE, TITLE 4, Chapter 1, THE FLAG. I use the ‘Betsy Ross Homepage’ for easy reference. In there, the Flag Rules are spelled out. Look under flag rules and regulations. Below the waving US Flag banner are boxes to click. Click on Flag Rules. A drop-down box appears, click Flag Code. It is here the real info is found. First and foremost, whether tattered(should not be worn,its a gimmick to sell product) or not, where does your t-shirt go when it is dirty? Most likely on the floor first. The US Flag Code realizes every US Flag image, tattered, partial, blue or purple, says if it looks like an American Flag to the average person, therefore it is!!! Otherwise why arre you using it. Now for the proof: Excerpts from the Code: Paragraph 3, Use of flag for advertising purposes; The words “flag, standard, colors, or ensign”, as used herein, shall include any flag, standard, colors, ensign, or any picture or representation of either, or of any part or parts of either, made of any substance or represented on any substance, of any size evidently purporting to be either of said flag, standard, colors, or ensign of the United States of America or a picture or a representation of either, upon which shall be shown the colors, the stars and the stripes, in any number of either thereof, or of any part or parts of either, by which the average person seeing the same without deliberation may believe the same to represent the flag, colors, standard, or ensign of the United States of America. Paragraph 8, Respect for Flag-There are 4 reasons I have outlined; b, d, g, i.
        b. The flag should never touch anything beneath it, such as the GROUND, theFLOOR, water, or merchandise.
        d. The flag should never be used as WEARING APAREL, bedding, or drapery.
        g. The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature.
        i. The flag should NEVER BE USED FOR ADVERTIZING PURPOSES IN ANY MANNER WHATSOEVER . It should not be embroidered on such articles as cushions or handkerchiefs and the like, printed or otherwise impressed on paper napkins or boxes or anything that is designed for temporary use and discard. Advertising signs should not be fastened to a staff or halyard from which the flag is flown.
        There is a ‘should’ not a ‘shall’ for a reason. These rules are supposed to be respected, just like any other guideline in life. Look around and see just how many don’t know these rules or they don’t care at all.This the what former Army Drill Sergeant Daniel Alarik, of Grunt Style believes. There are other symbols of patriotism to use. A torn, tattered,burned-looking US Flag is not the way. A side note for a DAVID ADKINS LTC SF (RET): The US Flag Code does not refer to battle- tattered US Flags. It refers to US Flags, period. To the average person, it will be a tattered US Flag, even on t-shirts, as I previously pointed out above.

        1. I totally concur and these are the words I live by. I love my American Flag and would often love to display it in different forms – but I respect the CODE…..

      6. Than don’t get a shirt but don’t get mad because someone is trying to bring a little dignity to the us out of all the bull shit that gos on thes days and the people they let in to this country that don’t belong hear. !!!!!!!!!!

      7. Another LCDR, USN (Ret )

        “Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there”. The symbolism of our battle tested colors have been with us for over 200 years.

  1. Semper Fi all…I left Fl. for a family emergency in Maine 4 weeks ago…All worked out and now I’m headed back to Fl. today…I’ve checked this site out and as soon as I get back to Fl. I’m uploading my DD 214 to join these guy’s…American made goods, owned by a grunt veteran employing veteran’s is as good as it gets…As an 0331 ( m-60 ) grunt you have my attention….As a machine gun carrying grunt from 68-69 Vietnam I’d love to see that on a t-shirt…

  2. I am a “Nam Vet” dying of exposure to Agent Orange. Not the diluted stuff the guys in the bush were sprayed with but the real deal that leaked out of the drums we carried on our “Mike 8 boat” in Danang. I didn’t find out I was sick until 3 days before 9/11. I had diabetes, now the V.A. has found Parkinson’s disease, plus a bunch of other things. They’ve disabled me 100% and take real good care of me. But something contained in A.O. will end my days and I want everyone to know A.O. is a KILLER!

    1. audrey l jordan

      Many thanks for everything. Yeah, everybody’s got to
      make a buck somehow.AO took my vibrant life-loving
      man and started tearing down whatever’s left of him.It’s pretty much murder.If it aint his body, it’s his mind. One
      way or another, one day at a time. youngin’s don’t get it.
      We love our country, but look forward t better days in the Eternitities.AJ

    2. Yes, we just recently lost a very good friend from being exposed to AO. And another friend was getting pretty sick when I worked for him in the gun shops he owned.

  3. kennith clements

    I am not in good shape and I have a bad back … it is difficult to put on a pull over hoodie…..but I like hoodies. I have YET TO FIND a zip up hoodie with any type of Patriotic print on the back…….it would also be great to have a small (yet big enough for a small pistol) Pocket on the inside left or even both sides (extra mags). An XXL would be great. (as I said … I’m out of shape)

  4. Hey Jomama – I’m a 66 year old great grandma with family in every range of school. I wear my “Don’t Tread On Me” shirt to every event. If I didn’t wear it to be sure Everyone Knows I’m an American, then I shouldn’t wear it at all. To say “its insensitive to illegal immigrants and liberals”, well I say the illegal’s shouldn’t be here in the first place to be worrying about and probably the “liberals” shouldn’t be either.
    Proud to be a patriot and proud to let everyone know it!
    To Jimmy – Couldn’t have said it better myself…..

  5. I have several shirts from Grunt Style. As a member of the ARMY that blew out both knees in a training exercise this gives me an outlet to show my pride in country and my brothers in arms.

  6. Awesome wear. I am a police officer in Baltimore Md, I aslo have family who are retired military. It would be an honor and privilege to wear and support this clothing.

  7. Please email me of any upcoming and new product and feel free to place me on your mailing list and future promotions. I will share this website with family and friends. I hope you make BIG sizes (4X and up). I have a large family and large size wise as well.

  8. I got a shirt from you guys during the Alpha Outpost campaign and luckily that doesn’t say Grunt Style on it… Not a grunt, not a vet. Just like supporting you guys and I feel like a poser wearing something with grunt on it if I’m not. I think you should offer alternate printings just in case due to that. I don’t know how much of a logistical pain it is but I’d buy a lot of your designs and I’m sure a lot of other people would. Even if it was just GS with the crossed rifles. Just a thought!

    1. Mary Kay – although there are likely a few exceptions; most liberals are “one worlders”; and don’t consider themselves patriotic or American. They long to be “citizens of the world”. As for your assumption regarding their education; I’m sure many liberals have attended the .gov indoctrination centers we call schools, and then they went on to the marxist/socialist entities that were formerly colleges and universities. If by that skewed thinking, your claim is one of liberals being more intelligent; that is laughable. I have yet to meet a liberal that is more intelligent than I. Or, actually, more intelligent than my dog.

    2. Barbara Frazier

      Gary, I am an EDUCATED FEMALE PATRIOT, and I’m SURE AS THE DEVIL NOT A LIBERAL. I know you liberals like to pretend you are the “elite” because you are liberal, but the millions of American Conservative Patriots are far better educated than you liberals who fawn over liars and criminals!

  9. Keely Roznowski

    I want a t-shirt that says:

    Never Underestimate a Woman that was raised by a Vietnam Vet with the Vietnam Vet colors.

    Can you do that???

    1. Or one that says never underestimate a woman raised by Marine. Childhood was bootcanp,with moving wheelbarrows of rocks around the yard,digging holes to fill up again for punishment. Even had one of those damn green wool itchy Marine blankets on my bed.No pink frilly pillows for this girl.i didn’t like it much then but I find it funnier than hell now.My sisters still don’t. Yea we had to do those corners on our beds and all.He even checked them make sure they were done right.Lol.

  10. Michael Thompkins

    I like the veteran part but the
    “patriot” part translates to the Republicans and even Trumpsters. I don’t like it.
    Most Democrats who are patriotic don’t wear it on their sleeves.
    Most veterans don’t wear being heroes on their sleeves.
    Good luck.
    Count me not a fan.

  11. Hope you luck in your company w/clothes made in America I was 4 year VIET NAM vet 2 by sea 2 in country plus Democratic but I am very liberal conservative and open minded I am Patriotic but I don’t wear it on my body or clothing

  12. this ex combat engr agrees,,, you don’t have to be a publican to be a patriot.. one difference,, you must think of your country FIRST…remember the contract we signed… there is no word on it expiring,, only the time of ACTIVE participation….

  13. To: Michael Thompkins
    Webster’s definition of the word “Patriot”: Fellow countryman; fatherland; one who loves and loyally or zealously support’s one’s OWN country! As a three – time veteran in Vietnam, I don’t recall ever asking the General, or the Colonel who sent me there, whether or not they were Democrats, Republicans, Independents, or other parties! The word “patriot” is NOT affiliated with ANY party persuasion! So, don’t blame your stupid stance on Republicans, nor ANY person within that party! If you’re too un-educated to comprehend what patriotism really means, then to hell with you!

  14. I didn’t serve but know men and women that have. I have 4 Grunt Style T’s and wear them with pride and for the current and past men and women of our military. I get mostly high fives and a few Libtards that gives the “look”

  15. Ok someone really give me a clear example of a true and tested Patriot in Government official in office in America Right Now in 2016. Please don’t tell me it’s the President OBAMA or the Dude that’s the President on ( DESIGNATED SURVIVOR).
    We Don’t Really Know What a true Patriot for the People is. Its a dream.

  16. I prefer NineLine Apparel, but I’m glad this is made in America and they hire Veterans. That’s thoughtful and respectful. If someone doesn’t like it, don’t wear it. The fact there are military, both active or inactive that support the company is good enough for 🙂

  17. David Adkins LTC SF (Ret)

    The post by LCDR Taylor that started all this brouhaha is actually incorrect. There is no requirement to burn a tattered flag. If that were true there would be no Civil War battle flags in any of our museums anywhere. Likewise there is no rule that a flag that hits the ground must be burned. Do some research. In the Civil War the color bearers and officers were the prime targets for sharpshooters. Read “The Red Badge of Courage” by Stephen Crane for a refresher on that protocol. Soldiers who picked up the fallen colors were considered the bravest of the brave because they knew they would be the next to fall. Tattered flags are symbols of bravery in combat. Flags worn out from day to day use yes by all means replace them but don’t get confused here. Airborne ATW

    1. Actually it may be buried or burned because it is no longer fit to display on a flag pole. During time of war or conflict the flag is not destroyed as long as thee is someone who can carry on. Flags in the museums are displayed for historical purposes in addition to explain the sacrifices by our great men and women made to protect this great country. LCDR Taylor is correct, however, there is no rule to destroy the flag if it touches the ground. He is referring to displaying the flag on a pole. Look up the U.S. Flag Code.

  18. The difference between old school patriotic and new school Patriot is that the old school patriotic is closers to the original. If you don’t care that a little “poop” is mixed in with your food when you eat it, then I suppose you won’t mind changing the original recipe to suit your taste. My utmost gratitude for everyone who served in protecting this United States of America who is on the verge of loosing her blessings unless we turn back to Godly morals. God bless America as America blesses God!

  19. Thank you for your spirit and designs. Fashion is fashion; and whatever works to get your point across is fine with me. It’s not being a patriot as much as having respect for the unity of our 50 States and to maintain our rights to our U S Constitution that is an established document that keeps our freedoms intact. Let the dirty jerks fall where they may when they attempt to destroy or defame our heritage.The 2nd Amendment is a right to protect and insure the safety of our homes and land. Rock on!

  20. There is a difference in clothing being made from a flag vs the design or image of a flag. I come from a long line of vets. Army Navy Marines and we now have a family member in Air Force. I was a Navy wife for 10 years….a more patriotic family is hard to come by. Getting out of the military adjusting to civilian life is difficult. I say getting out and making your way through this world without hurting anyone is honorable. I say making something in the US and putting Americans to work is Honorable. You have my veterans support and they look good for it!!

  21. It’s OK of u don’t post my comments, I’m going to use my tattooing career and let everyone across the globe see that you guys at American grit don’t want the world to know the truth about gruntsyle. Check me out:the_wicked_pencil. That’s right people from all across the globe follow me. Now I’ll let them know how u scan each comment and only post the ones u at American grit like! I’m taking u down with gruntstyle!

  22. Don’t lie to the American public the shirts are made in Pakistan printed on in Chicago. I know cause I worked there. Now I’m going to be doing the same thing. Only my shirts will be made in the USA

    Ps. The whole company doesn’t like u if your airforce or navy. I know ex employee navy guy

  23. No such thing as a former veteran.
    “When Alarik started the company his first employee was a former veteran. “

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