Pole Vaulter Sam Kendricks Stops mid-run to Stand at Attention for National Anthem

Sam Kendricks, a Second Lieutenant in the US Army Reserve and Olympian pole vaulter, stopped mid-run when he faintly heard the National Anthem playing from… somewhere?

The video posted to twitter shows Kendricks sprinting down the runway when he hears the Anthem. He immediately stops, and snaps to the position of attention.

But where is the flag? The video also shows him looking around for the colors, as he tries to remain in his position out of respect.


Several people have taken to Twitter to congratulate the vaulter on his respect to his country:

Kendricks is one of 18 Olympians that are also members of the US Military. After this awesome display of patriotism, he went on to win a bronze medal at his event, achieving a vault of 19 feet, 2 1/4 inches.

Know what we're sayin fam?

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