Watch This Delta Operator Destroy Goofy “Range Theatrics” [Video]

Pat McNamara doesn’t care about your excuses.  If you don’t know who Pat Mac is, you better fix yourself fast: he’s a 22-year Army veteran and former Sergeant Major of Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, and he’s here to destroy your range theatrics.

During his career, he served in what he calls “white” Special Forces units and “Cold War” era positions before undergoing selection and joining the Army’s Delta force.  He became a weapons instructor within the Unit and is one of the most qualified shooters on the entire planet.

In other words, he’s a total badass.


As a civilian, Pat Mac trains military, law enforcement and regular people to shoot carbine and pistol effectively.  He is also the founder of Combat Strength Training, a fitness regimen and philosophy designed to “retrofit the combat chassis” and increase physical performance.

Killing Your Bad Habits and Range Theatrics

This Youtube video is an excerpt from his Pantaeo Productions “Make Ready With Pat MacNamara” video series, and it shows how rote repetition in pistol instruction takes away from real learning.

Watch the video here:


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