Kevin Bacon Disappoints Vermont Town, Will Not Attend Baconfest

The legendary Hollywood megastar, known for his sublime performance in “Tremors,” says he was “flattered” by charming small town’s invitation.

Brattleboro, Vermont is a quaint, picturesque village located along the state’s eastern border.  With a booming population of 11,765, the town plays host to a number of storied institutions.  Several colleges and universities call Brattleboro home.  New England’s premier circus school, which attracts clowns from all over the world, also resides in the tiny, peaceful hamlet.

It is truly a cultural mecca in the vast northern Vermont wasteland.

For the last three years the merry townsfolk have held a carnival of skillet-fried pork products known as “Baconfest.”  This year, they decided to create a social media “blitz” in order to get Hollywood mega-icon Kevin Bacon to come visit.


Bacon Is Always On the Menu, But Kevin Bacon Never Is

They enlisted the help of “Flat Bacon,” a life-sized cardboard cutout of superstar actor Kevin Bacon.

U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy and Democratic Governor Peter Shumlin recorded a video with “Flat Bacon,” urging the real-life movie god to show up and support his eponymous festival.

“Kevin, Vermont has the coolest little town in America called Brattleboro.  I was born there.  I still love it,” said Shumlin, starstruck.  “They’re going to have a bacon festival.  It will be the best bacon and the best little town in America, and we need you.”

The legendary actor is known for his nuanced performances in films such as Tremors and Beauty Shop, which he co-starred in with Queen Latifah.

He is also well-known around the world as Hollow Man a role in which he played a man that is not, in fact, hollow, but rather, invisible.  

It is no wonder an actor of his caliber and fame could not find time to attend Baconfest.  The prodigious performer most recently starred in the sublime and underrated horror film The Darkness, which received an exceptional 4% on Rotten Tomatoes.

No word yet on whether dancing would have been barred at Baconfest, but given Kevin Bacon’s history with small towns and cops, things could very easily get out of hand.


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1 thought on “Kevin Bacon Disappoints Vermont Town, Will Not Attend Baconfest”

  1. Avatar

    Oh please, I am so tired of actors and actresses thinning they are too good to attend things like Baconfest! How rude.

    Without their fans they would be unknown. It sucks that celebs have such big heads. It muust suck to be them! I see why I am not a fan of any stars. I am a fan of kind , moral, loving, generous people, they are stars in my book and none of them are well known outside of their family, friends and acquaintance circles.!


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