Basic Training Story #4394

Basic Training Story

It was 1999 in Parris Island. My platoon was undergoing warrior training (rappel tower and gas chamber). Recruit S was very nervous about the gas chamber. They always tell you, “don’t breathe in deeply.” This is to avoid inhaling all the toxic fumes. Like a knucklehead, Recruit S breathed in deeply. Within seconds he flips out.

He does his best impersonation of an NFL wide receiver and starts dodging all DIs and Marines in his way, darting to the front door.

Until one of the husky DIs tackles him and assists him back to his place in the gas chamber.

As soon as Recruit S finally exits the front door he is allowed a quick rinse of the face.

His SDI yells ” Recruit S get back in the gas chamber.” This time he went in and was supposedly totally relaxed and eye balling the area.

This story highlights the power of the mind and positive thinking. Whenever Recruit S screwed up or needed some extra motivation, the DIs would say “Recruit S do you want to visit my gas chamber again?”

Always made some recruit smirk or smile during the rest of training.


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