Alpha Outpost Review – The DOPP Kit

My name is Tyler Hedlin. I served U.S. Army from 2003-2011 as an 11b and deployed to Afghanistan.

Subscription: Alpha Outpost

The Cost: $39.95/mo + $6.95 shipping

My Box: “The DOPP Kit”



I am reviewing the DOPP beard care kit as my beard is currently very sexy and tactically operator like!!!! I enjoy shooting, fishing, archery, and long moonlit walks through the mountains of Afghanistan. In the box includes various items that will help improve my combat sexiness status.



In the DOPP kit includes fingernail and toenail clippers; self-explanatory, unless you’re a potato. They’re pretty durable and high-quality metal.

Straight Razor



This straight razor can be used for cleaning up the beard or sneaking up on Taliban, your choice. Personal opinion – the blade seems pretty good quality but the handle is kinda flimsy. It’ll get the job done, either way.

Shave Towel


The Shave towel is soft, with an embroidered decal on it. Practical and useful on the go.



Scissors for trimming your beard or mustache, if your facial hair is getting a little wild but you don’t feel like shaving. I know I never do.

Soap and Loofah Pouch



Duke cannon soap – this stuff smells pretty good, not gonna lie. The loofah pouch, I could take or leave since I care more about being clean than exfoliating. 

Not pictured was some beard oil I received in the pack, which smells a little minty (with a hint of anger and shame). Not bad, though.

Grooming Bag


This is a great molle bag to hold all the items or use as a massive IFAK for your kit or bug out gear.


I can honestly say I would pay roughly $35.00-40.00 for this kit, and it comes with more items than I expected

If I had to rate this out of 5 stars I would rate it 4.5 due to the flimsiness of straight razor and the beard care oil smelling a little odd. Other than that a fairly solid buy.

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