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Man Attempts the “Suicide Vest” Stunt and it Goes Exactly the Way You Think

I’ll be honest guys, I’m typing this while still giggling and wiping tears out of my eyes. This video is an absurd mixture of watching a small child hurt himself, laughing, and then realizing that this guy is actually an adult and actually did this voluntarily for no reason.

“Zach,” the star of this little show, is one of the members of the “Too Stupid to Die” channel on YouTube. They probably should rename this to  “Too Stupid to Die… Yet,” because given the other content on this channel, this guy is definitely not going to live long.

Zach decided to attempt the “Suicide Vest” stunt – essentially, you strap a bunch of firecrackers to your body, and light them. Honestly, at first, I thought he was wearing a fat suit to “protect himself.” Nope. That padding is au natual.

So, bare-chested and out in the snow, Zach lights the firecrackers. Now, this is really a recipe for serious burns and a hospital trip, but they’re too stupid to die, remember?

My favorite bit is when he asks for Neosporin afterwards. You may want a little more than that, “bro.”



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