ridiculous mma fight

Watch the Most Ridiculous MMA Fight Ever

Gabi Garcia is massive.  She’s also the most-decorated female Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champion in the world.

But to fight a 49-year old who looks like a miniature person in comparison?  That’s not something she wanted.  But it was the fight offered to her, and she took it.

ridiculous mma fight
Gabi Garcia is humongous.  Source: Sherdog.com

It also had 30x better ratings in Japan than any of Mirko Cro Cop’s fights, or Kron Gracie’s fight, both of whom are big names in the MMA community.

The fight took place in the Rizin MMA promotion on December 31st when Gabi fought 49-year old Yumiko Hatta.  Kandori hadn’t fought since 2000, and Gabi Garcia is large for a woman, weighing in at over 220 pounds for the fight.

According to MMAFighting.com, Gabi Garci had this to say about her fight:

“When I told him I didn’t want this fight, that it’s not the type of fight I wanted for me right now, he explained her history in the sport, that she challenged me,” Garcia said. “She was the only Japanese that wanted to fight me. She fought men in the past, she has a history in judo, and she wanted to fight me. (Sakakibara) went to her gym to watch her train, too. In his head, this fight is like Bob Sapp against ‘Minotauro’ (Nogueira). It’s the concept of the Japanese show.

“It’s good for the market. I was shocked at how excited Japanese fans are for this fight. (Sakakibara) said ‘Gabi, this fight will be good for your name in Japan, good for us, and good for her.’ And now I have the obligation to win [laughs]. The last time I underestimated an opponent I lost, so I will never do that. I respect her history. I had losses to smaller girls in jiu-jitsu in the past, so I respect everyone.”

Watch the crazy mismatched fight below:

ridiculous mma fight


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