A Warrior’s Voice: Earl Granville

A Warrior’s Voice is brought to you by Operation Enduring Warrior, an organization dedicated to honoring, empowering, and motivating wounded veterans. 

Operation Enduring Warrior (OEW) has helped me in so many ways. After I lost my leg and my twin brother, Army SSG Joe Granville, to suicide, I felt very lost and confused. I found myself making horrible decisions and living a very unhealthy life filled with alcohol and some drugs. One day I was approached by someone who knew my brother who stated that Joe would express how he was so proud of how I continued to live a happy and active life after my injury.

I reflected a bit and thought to myself, “Well, would he be proud of the decisions I’m making now?” I then started to challenge my amputation more by getting involved in Crossfit, endurance events such as Spartan Races and GoRucks, and also returned to school.

Over the summer of 2013, I ran a Spartan Race in Wintergreen, Virginia. Before we started I was introduced to Operation Enduring Warrior and had the privilege to meet a gentleman I followed on social media named Noah Galloway. Noah was a person I looked up to as another combat wounded amputee who didn’t allow his injuries to slow him down. After the race, Noah asked me what I thought about joining OEW. I decided to put in my packet for 2014 INDOC to become a Team Member.

The final phase of INDOC is a weekend which consists of heavy physical activity and team building assessment. My class started with ten and only five finished. With this accomplishment, I felt like I could stop doubting my physical goals and understand that I shouldn’t limit myself. After joining OEW three years ago, not only did I continue to challenge myself physically, but I found the confidence to take on leadership roles and begin helping others.

Since joining OEW, I have participated in many obstacle course races, completed the 2016 Bataan Memorial Death March, run multiple GoRuck events (including two Heavys), finished two half marathons, and completed The Spartan Agoge 60+ hour endurance event. Some of these as an OEW Team Member and others as personal endeavors…but it was OEW that gave me the confidence to break these barriers.


Think about this: When we join the military, we commit to becoming a part of something bigger than ourselves. We are filled with a huge purpose fueled with quite a lot of passion. Most of us join as soon as we become adults. Once we get out, all of that is gone. It’s easy to feel lost like I was for so many reasons. Joining an organization like OEW filled in those gaps. My new purpose and passion are now assisting other wounded veterans who may feel lost or doubt their capabilities after their injuries.

Fitness has become a passion of mine. OEW promotes my newfound passion as well as providing a sense of being a part of something bigger than myself as an active Team Member. If you look beyond the mission statement of OEW and join us for an event to gain your own perspective, it quickly becomes evident that our mission is more than just to Honor, Empower and Motivate our wounded veterans.

OEW filled in those gaps I lost after being wounded in Afghanistan and retiring out of the military.

Earl Granville is a combat wounded leg amputee and adaptive athlete. He engages with his audience by bringing his ideas of battling mental health adversity from his own experiences and ideas. You can follow him via his social media accounts:

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