Basic Training Story

Basic Training Story #4603

So there I was, first day in pt formation in my unit. My first day in the real Army. I salute the flag like the proud private I was and when it was time for pt to get started my first sergeant yelled a word that I wasn’t familiar with, “ZONK!!!”

As my entire battery, the battery behind us, and units marching by fled in full sprint I stood tall. I moved to the correct point of the formation just as if people were falling out. I wondered about whether or not this was a test. Alarms were going off in my head as the first sgt counted backwards from ten.

Something felt off.

As he hit the count of 4 his gaze switches to me and he (in what I can only describe as) strongly whispers “You’re going to make me do PT aren’t you?”

I stared forward with a scared, questioning look on my face. “THREE” he yells, followed by “If you aren’t out of my sight by the time I get to one, Pri, then today will be the day you die.

I take off in full sprint


I hurdle a metal railing


In my full sprint a feeling of silence falls over the base and then out of it comes a faint battle cry from the first sergeant in the form of “I CAN STILL SEE YOU, PRIVATE! GET BACK HERE!”

Yes, I was smoked.

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