A Warrior’s Voice: Nathan Speck

A Warrior’s Voice is brought to you by Operation Enduring Warrior, an organization dedicated to honoring, empowering, and motivating wounded veterans. 

My name is SSG (Ret) Nathan Speck. I am an adaptive athlete and Community Ambassador (OCA) for Operation Enduring Warrior. I have had so many great experiences being a member of this wonderful organization. The people I have met and participated in races with are some of the most humble and selfless people I have ever been blessed to know.

My first race was the USMC Ultimate Mud Run Challenge in South Carolina. I had never done an OCR and was very nervous, but excited. I was afraid of how much my back problems may hinder me during the race. I quickly found that I had no reason to be worried. The team athletes were there by my side to make sure I completed the race and did so safely. Whether I needed to slow down or stop, they were right there motivating me to keep pushing. The other adaptive athletes and OCAs were right there making sure to motivate each other and help as well.

The best part of the race was the end. I was in pain and wanted to walk but one of the team athletes, who is himself an amputee, asked me to hold his arm to balance him and promptly took off running! If he could do it then there was no excuse for me not to and together we came through the finish line. After that experience I knew I had found where I needed to be. It only required participating in one event to recognize that I have brothers and sisters who I can call on if I need anything. I have found more than a charity organization. I have found a family.

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1 thought on “A Warrior’s Voice: Nathan Speck”

  1. Thank you for csharing your story Nathan! You are definitely an inspiration to others! I know I have said this before but once again, THANK YOU for serving our country!

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