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Basic Training Story #4609

We were on week 15 FTX at Benning and I was in the command tent injured. Private B and several others were working ECP1 and ECP2 duties and we had a well-established rule from our company CO (former enlisted ODA guy) that NO ONE got in without the proper screening at both CPs.

A full bird was en route to talk with our CO and see the badass company he had fielded this cycle. Well, when he arrived, he was accompanied by our 1SG so Pvt B knew he had to be sharp.

They stop the car and Pvt B is contact for inspection. He asks 1SG and the full bird to get out and provide ID while the rest of the guys search the truck. Full bird is getting pissed already, but Pvt B doesn’t care.

To prove how little he cared, when the full bird leans over and says “do you know who the f*ck I am?”, Pvt B (with ZERO hesitation) fires back “no sir, do you know who the F*CK I AM?”. He then proceeds to get the 1SG and full bird out, check IDs and for good measure pats them down. The whole time the Col is literally fuming and threatening Pvt B with an article.

The truck is cleared and rolls up to the tent and the CO heads out to greet them. The Col was NOT HAPPY to say the least, at which time the CO dresses him down for trying to skirt the guard. I’ve never seen a Pvt and Capt with such testicular fortitude to this day.

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