Basic Training Story

Basic Training Story #4632

No shit there I was, early July on day zero. We had just gotten into our bays after a full day of fun and getting our asses smoked. This one private (well call him PVT Z) was just one of those guys who was a complete nervous wreck. So we get upstairs and it’s about 22:00. Or drill sergeant (DS D) calls for us to fall in, then has one private go and turn on every other faucet in the shower.

He then tells us we have exactly 7 minutes to get all 60 of our nasty asses washed. He said fall out and we scrambled like rats that saw a light. We go through our shower drill and everything went well. We actually finished in less than 5 minutes… or so we thought.

DS D had us fall in and counted us. “…56, 57, 58, 59…59!?! who the fuck are we missing!?!”

We then get the best smoking we got the entire cycle as DS D asked us where out battle buddy was. After what seemed like an eternity all goes quiet and we all heard crying. DS D goes into the shower to find PVT Z crying. He kindly asked him why he was crying.

PVT Z responds “I can’t find my pt’s drill sergeant”


DS D made sure to make that shower pointless as  we got smoked in sweat for 2 hours. And that’s how I learned the importance of accountability.

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