The Golfer’s Essentials – What every golfer should have in their bag 5/5 (2)


Everyone knows to bring extra balls and tees, the usual stuff. What about some of those extra necessities you might happen to need but wouldn’t think to bring with you? Here is our list of must-haves for going out on the green.

The Essentials

1.) Chapstick

For, uh, your lips. Yeah. That.

For those chapped lips, or when you’re hungover and just really dry.

2.) Sunscreen


Yeah, not a good look. (

Make sure you have an SPF 30+, the deodorant stick style is great for applying without getting the fingers and hands all greasy.

3.) Food

Why couldn’t this have been an MRE? (Source: @BaconSalt Twitter)

Bacon is preferred, but it’s your call.

4.)Extra Socks

“Huh, all I see is goose sh*t.”

You never know when you might have to have to take a swim to retrieve that ProV1.

5.)Medic bag

Be prepared. Ultra prepared. (Alpha Outpost Medic Box)

Good call here. Band-aids and blister tap highly recommended.

6.) Matches

They don’t have to be fancy, they just have to work. (

You never know when a good cigar is needing to be lit.


I don’t know how many times I have gone all the way to the course and forgot my glove. Don’t get caught with sweaty palms.

8.) Whiskey

Need I say more…

9.) Money

“Hahaha! Hilarious. Where’s my tip?” (

Always tip the cart server, and you avoid having to start a tab (which your friends will take full advantage of).

10.) Ball markers

Coins are good… Grunt Style Poker Chips, even better!

11.) Pencil

Make sure it has an eraser… In case… errr… yeah, don’t worry about it. 

12.) Knife


Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. Be careful not to cut yourself. And no, you can’t use it on the guy who just beat you.

The Non-Essentials… but still useful

1.) Music speaker


Not for everyone, but who doesn’t love some AC/DC when teeing off?

2.) USB Charger


How many times has the phone died mid round?

3.) .45 ACP

Oh, yes. (

For those pesky gophers (check with your local state and course regulations)


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