Harder to Kill: Monday, March 27, 2017

man firing gun from vehicle, tactical training

American Grit’s daily workouts are designed to make you Harder to Kill.

We combine old-school weightlifting with new-school strength and conditioning principles in order to maximize your time spent inside (or outside) the gym. You’ll squat, run, jump and throw weight around to ultimately become a faster, fitter you.  Being Harder to Kill isn’t just about lasting longer in a gunfight: it’s about becoming healthier, stronger and more resilient mentally and physically.

If it’s your first day here, jump in and hit the workout, or start from Day 1 of this cycle.  Either way, you’ll see strength, speed and stamina gains.

Note: Thursday and Sunday are rest days.  There will not be a workout posted on those days.

Monday, March 27, 2017

  • Strength:
    • Find a 1rm bear complex
    • A bear complex is one power clean, one front squat, one shoulder-to-overhead, one back squat, and one shoulder-to-overhead
  • Conditioning:
    • Find a 7 rep max bear complex.  This is the entire clean-squat-s20-squat-s20 completed without letting the bar rest on the ground for 7 cycles.



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