Basic Training Story

Basic Training Story #4680

I got the pleasure of watching my senior drill sergeant chew a butter bar a new asshole. Aforementioned butter bar had just bought a new truck and accidentally hit the SDS’s truck. The conversation goes as follows:

*btw this is a brand new lieutenant*

BB: I need to find the owner of such and such truck with tag number such and such.

DS: *sitting at desk with 4 other DS’s* That’s my truck.

BB: well I accidentally hit your fender while trying to park. I just bought a new truck and I’m still getting used to the size.

DS: (after standing up to look out the window) what the fuck, sir? There is plenty of room how did you manage to hit me?

BB: I apologize. Like I said I just bought it and still getting used to the size.

DS: it’s a fucking Toyota Tacoma not a fucking tractor trailer, sir!


DS: goddamn it, sir.

This conversation went on and on. The DS was just going the fuck off on this new lieutenant and the guy is just standing there looking at him. He could’ve locked him up at any time but no. Guy was a champ. And the DS never missed a beat with formality.

Funniest fucking thing ever.

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