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The Colt .45 – A Cocktail to Get you Through Your Week 3/5 (2)

Monday is coming to a close, and you’re already tired. You slug home after a long day of emails and the boss asking why you didn’t complete that project over the weekend – never mind that it was your grandmother’s birthday and you tend to prioritize your family over your job, like any sensible human. Gran-gran has lived longer than the company’s been around anyway, and she’s actually proud of you.

She also loved the gift you gave her. Black Label. Nice.

grunt fest 6

You slump through the front door and give your dog a few pats and a bowl of food. At least she’s glad to see you. Time to heat up the leftover steak and potatoes Gran-gran sent you home with, and put this drink together. It’ll put the hair back on your chest, and get your nearly-stone heart beating again.


The Colt .45

Into a rocks glass, mix together equal parts Gin and Jagermeister.

Finish with Red Bull.


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