The Colt .45 – A Cocktail to Get you Through Your Week

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Monday is coming to a close, and you’re already tired. You slug home after a long day of emails and the boss asking why you didn’t complete that project over the weekend – never mind that it was your grandmother’s birthday and you tend to prioritize your family over your job, like any sensible human. Gran-gran has lived longer than the company’s been around anyway, and she’s actually proud of you.

She also loved the gift you gave her. Black Label. Nice.

You slump through the front door and give your dog a few pats and a bowl of food. At least she’s glad to see you. Time to heat up the leftover steak and potatoes Gran-gran sent you home with, and put this drink together. It’ll put the hair back on your chest, and get your nearly-stone heart beating again.


The Colt .45

Into a rocks glass, mix together equal parts Gin and Jagermeister.

Finish with Red Bull.



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