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So the year was 1997 and it was a couple of days into basic and the Drill Sergeants were still giving us hell. My platoon was standing at the position of attention and the guy next to me was getting verbally tore up by the DS. The stuff the DS was saying was funny to me and I was trying not to laugh. I kept my composure until the guy broke into tears.

Not only was he crying but you could hear him whimpering.

At that moment I lost it. I broke out in laughter.

Well, of course, this attracted not one but four DS’s a full on shark attack. The more they yelled the harder it was to stop laughing. My DS got right up in my face brown round hitting me on the bridge of my nose and yelled: “Does it not bother you when we yell at you like this?”

I replied as loud as I could “No Drill Sargent!”

He responded, “Why the f#$K not!”

I then replied, “Reminds me of home Drill Sargent!”.

That was the worse smoking I ever received. A couple of days later my DS asked me about my answer and I told him about my dad who was retired army. I did not get messed with that much anymore. Out side the normal mass punishment. That was the good Ole days.

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