The NRA Attacked This Politician on Gun Rights in a TV Ad. His Response? Shoot the TV.

If you’re running as a Democrat in the State of Montana, you’re going to have to diverge from the party on some major points – one of those being gun rights.

Dave Quist, a country singer now turned political hopeful, is in the contending to represent Montana as a Democrat in its only congressional seat, butting heads with current¬†Conservative representative and Donald Trump’s Secretary of Interior, Ryan Zinke.

The GOP hasn’t taken on Quist just yet, but the NRA decided to take a stab at the singer with a political ad targeting his tax records, and his stance on Second Amendment rights.

We hear Quist specifically say “I fully support Second Amendment Rights,” before the narrator interrupts, telling the audience that he was caught trying to pass gun control, and that Quist is in support of mandatory gun registration.

“We can’t trust Rob Quist.” The narrator states definitively.

Firing Back

Quist ¬†formed his own unique response to these accusations by creating an ad of his own, calling out the “Millionaire from New Jersey” that attacked his “Montana values.” He takes his rifle, one that he says has protected the family ranch for generations, and shoots a TV as it plays the NRA ad.

Quist also doubles down on his support for Second Amendment rights because, “It’s my right too.”

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