beer, man runs into burning building

This Man Ran into a Burning Building to Save his Beer. Twice.

At some point, we all ask ourselves, “If my house was burning down, what things would I take with me?” For most people, the answers include pets, computers, family heirlooms, things that are especially meaningful and valuable to us.

For this man, the answer was beer.

A South Dakota man, Michael Casteel, 56, is now facing criminal charges for failing to listen to firemen and policemen who warned him not to run back into his burning house to save the beer. Despite multiple warnings after the first attempt, Casteel ran in a second time – and returned with two Bud Ice beers in his hand. Apparently, the blaze made him very thirsty.

When tested, Casteel’s blood alcohol content was at .082 percent.

The blaze was quickly put out in under 10 minutes. Fortunately, no one was killed in the blaze (though some were treated for smoke inhalation), and Casteel is apparently unharmed. He does, however, face charges of obstruction, and for violating a 24/7 sobriety program.


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