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Food And Drink Fridays: 5 Manly Drinks for Cinco de Mayo

Ah, Cinco de Mayo. The great celebration of the unexpected Mexican victory against the French during the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War.

Or, your reason this Friday to go out and drink with your friends. Whichever.

Now, while we’re all about drinks, frozen margaritas aren’t really our style. Too fruity, too frilly, too many tiny umbrellas. We want drinks that have that edge of manliness, that won’t disappoint at any backyard party or bar. Thus, our list for the 5 drinks that won’t revoke your man card on Cinco de Mayo.

1.) Mexican Car Bomb


If it’s good enough for St. Patty’s, it’s good enough for today. Simply combine half shots of Rumchata and Tequila, and drop it into a Mexican beer of your choice (we prefer Modelo, Corona, or Dos Equis).

2.) Spicy Margarita


No umbrellas necessary, but will satisfy those that want a mixed drink. Muddle some spicy red peppers, and combine 2 parts Tequila, 2/3 parts Cointreau, 1/2 parts lime juice, and simple syrup to taste (1/2 parts is the sweet spot for us). Toss in a pinch of cilantro, shake, and serve with some more red pepper. That’ll put a little hair on your chest.

3.) Prarie Fire

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Speaking of spicy, here’s a shot of tequila, with a dash good old-fashioned Tobasco (or whatever fire sauce you prefer). Shoot, and enjoy.


4.) Manly Mojito


Don’t run just yet! We made ours simple – muddle mint and sugar with some chunks of lime, shake with tequila or rum and ice, add some club soda, and forego the crazy garnish. No fuss, all booze.

5.) Straight Up

Duh. Sometimes you don’t need anything else but the good stuff. If you want to be authentic about doing tequila shots, use the lick, sip, suck method: Lick the salt, drink your shot, suck the lime.

BONUS! The morning after: “Wake the Dead”

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When that hangover hits you tomorrow morning, just throw together 2 parts espresso, 1 part coffee liqueur, and – you guessed it – 1 part tequila.  That should take the edge off.

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