Basic Training Story

Basic Training Story #4721

It was just a normal Sunday at the barracks. I decided not to go to church this Sunday, worse mistake ever! So were up in our barracks cleaning like we normally did and everybody is talking and cutting up having a great time. My battle buddy goes over to the window, which is the third floor and opens the window and spits out of it.

So we continue to clean and all of a sudden a drill Sergeant flings open the door and went storming down the hallway.

So we continue to clean then all of a sudden he storms in, everybody yells at ease and we all jump up. The drill Sargent then ask which one of us spit out of the window and my battle buddy admits to doing it, and the drill Sergeant then shows him what he had done.

When he spit out of the window in landed right on the drill sergeants shoulder.

He yells at my him to get his battle buddy and get down stairs. Needless to say we got smoked for about three hours and also was taught a valuable lesson that day, don’t spit off of a third floor barracks especially if your still in basic or AIT.


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