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[Video] The most Adorable Oil Change Ever

What do you do when need to do an oil change, but your three-year-old daughter wants to play? Sign her on to do it with you, and make a video out of it!

This genius parent filmed their little girl as she tells you, step by step, how to change the oil. From jacking the car up to eating a cookie as the oil drains, practical education has never looked so adorable.

And, it goes to show just how smart kids can be. Often, parents don’t expose their kids to jobs like this until their teenage years, but even a 3-year-old under supervision can learn how to do a lot of things we don’t give them the opportunity to learn.

This video comes from YouTube Channel¬†Little How To Girl. There are other videos that walk you through everything: replacing a lawn mower battery,¬†vacuuming, cutting a man’s hair, fixing faucets and changing locks. You name it, this rockstar’s probably done it. And, more importantly, she’s getting an education that a lot of kids don’t have these days – it’ll save her a lot of money in the long run!


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