Bullet Ricochet hits Shooter in the Eye 5/5 (4)

Safety first people! It may just save your life.  In this video, we see some target practice from a GoPro.  I think GoPro is designed exclusively for people that want to record their own death. After the third shot you can hear a soft pop, then the camera starts to go down towards the ground slowly.  There are several angles, views and slow motion of the shot after the live action.

I’ll let the shooter tell you himself;

“Out practicing some steel shooting with a friend for a local competition and was lucky enough to survive, uninjured, a ricochet right to my eye. Stunned me something good.

We starting out at about 50 yards, then after a 100 or so rounds ran our little course which involved getting a bit closer to the steel. This was my second run through the course.

You can hear the impact on the GoPro and the whizzing of the ricochet in both angles.

The bullets were not steel core. A large-ish part (~1cm) of the copper jacket came back directly at me, travelling ~1000fps (2400fps muzzle – 35% energy loss at steel).

I don’t recommend getting that close to steel and shooting, but I like excitement and knew the risks.”


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