Basic Training Story

Basic Training Story #4766

Go ahead and stop reading here at Air Force if you would like. I wasn’t having a fun time in basic training like I had expected. You see, I made the mistake of wearing the free Aim High Air Force T-shirt (at the advice of my recruiter) on day 1 of basic training. Needless to say every Training Instructor that saw me took advantage of the moment.

We arrived late on a Friday night so we wouldn’t get uniforms or haircuts until that Monfday. They called us rainbows because of that. At one point a group of Marines marching past us saw me and shouted, “I’d rather be dead than red on the head like a dick on a dog” It wasn’t a good weekend and I needed a laugh.

At one point during the day our TI started cussing us out for having facial hair. He gave us clear instructions to “shave ALL the hair off of our faces.”

We immediately ran into the restroom and started vigorously shaving. I look over to my right and see Airman Dipshit shaving one of his eyebrows off. We lall aughed our asses off at him. When he realized his mistake he ssys, “What should I do?” With one eyebrow remaining. Our resolution was for him to shave it off. He did.

We rush back out for inspection and when the TI sees him he took a moment to figure out what he was looking at. Once he realized what had happened he lost it. Then we all lost our composure for a moment.

Airman Dipshi’s eyebrows eventually grew back by the time he got to tech school. They were bushy as hell too.

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