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Basic Training Story #4767

Sorry for the long post but there is a crayon at the end for the Marines who can read it.  About three weeks in it is a nice Sunday morning, we had just finished up cleaning the barracks and going to services. Our DS is on duty that day, we shall call him DS C. He tells my platoon to go to formation for lunch chow early and as we are formed up waiting for the rest of the company DS C comes out. He tells us we are doing a great job and that he has a reward for us after chow so do t screw anything up from now till then.

He goes back inside and we start talking about what it could be, we heard of something called a base pass and we were getting excited. We had passed a movie theater and a bowling ally on our morning PT runs. We talked about funding the actual PX and other awesome stuff a newbie like us hadn’t seen in a month.

The rest of the company comes down and we march to the chow hall, nobody has screwed up yet. We eat and form up outside again, and still nobody as messed up which is amazing because we are still a bunch of screw up privates after all. We march back to our company area and our DS releases the other two platoons.

We are now excited because we have built up our expectations (don’t ever do in the military). DS C tells us that we are cleaning the barracks again but this time has a prize we can listen to music. We obviously have nothing to play music with. DS C asks us what genre we like and everyone starts saying different bands and music. One person yells country and DS C says I love country we will listen to that. Not my choice but it is better than nothing. We then go up to our floor and start cleaning and DS C turns on his radio over the speaker system blaring old old time country music. So loud we couldn’t even hear each other. For the next four hours that is what we listen to till dinner chow.

Next Sunday rolls around and DS C is on duty again and same thing happens as last week. We come back from lunch and he asks if we want country music again. No enthusiasm around he then asks if we like country. One person bravely answered that we didn’t like old time music and it was loud. So he says ok I will turn on some new music for you. The music starts and it is three doors down kryptonite that comes on. Ok still not the best but it isn’t blaring. The song ends and the next song is….Three doors down kryptonite. For the next four hours it is the same song over and over and over. I hate that song now.

Next morning DS C tells the other DS’s what he did and they had a good laugh.

Just kidding no crayon.

Know what we're sayin fam?

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