Basic Training Story

Basic Training Story #4768

2014, 12B OSUT and 15 out of 16 weeks down. Just got back from our final Combat Engineer FTX, and pretty much assumed we were in the clear to graduate. Two long days of cleaning CIF gear culminated in some of the most absurd methodology of dealing with boredom I had ever seen. Keeping in mind, one of our DS’s was gone for Master Urban Breacher Course, and another was gone for some reason or another. We, therefore, had a DS from First Platoon we had gotten to know fairly well, and assumed we would be able to get away with a little fuckery.

Throughout the day, all 4 IQ points within the platoon combined to form an idea that was, in every sense of the word, juvenile. 100MPH tape, toilet paper tubes, and a poncho created some horrible form of the Down’s Syndrome Avengers, complete with Teenage Mutant Fuck-Fuck Turtles, Bane (from Batman), Lieutenant America, and the Flash, leading to a very tense “Toe the Line” at 1900.

We waited in anticipation, calling a thunderous AT EASE once DS from 1st platoon came to put us down for the night. Before he could speak, a voice from the back of the bay echoed “AVENGERS…ASSEMBLE!”.

Michelangelo, with a turtle shell of an assault pack and functional nunchucks led the way, followed by a combat-boots-with-lightning bolts Flash and finished off with a trash-can-lid Captain America. Now, DS obviously found amusement in this, but the piece de resistance was our Bane, face-mask, Class A Trench Coat and all, creeping around the corner and calling “Drill Sergeant…do you feel in charge?”

We had to do it all over again so he could record it with his phone before we were allowed to leave.

Our fire watch that night swore they could hear the video being played on CQ, followed by a maniacal laughter.

Know what we're sayin fam?

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