Quadcopter Drones + Sniper Rifle = Awesome!

Drones have become a regular tool for America’s Armed forces. A drone can sometimes mean the difference between life and death with the intel they can provide. Governments are spending more than ever before on Defense budgets today, which provides an enormous incentive to solve problems that troops currently face. With that in mind, what if a drone could do more? Sure, we’ve seen how these devices are characterized in futuristic Hollywood representations (the Terminator franchise loves them), but since their inception, they’ve only been a tool for reconnaissance. Until now.

Duke Robotics Inc. just announced, TIKAD, which (as they put it) is a dramatic step forward in protecting our troops by developing the resources needed to fight terrorism effectively today. How? According to the folks at Duke, “TIKAD, the Future Soldier, saves lives by replacing boots on the ground.”

What does this mean in real terms? The small quadcopter drone will be equipped with an M4 rifle (which is manufactured by Cold Defense and FN America), an SR-25 marksman rifle (which is made by Knight’s Armament Co.) and an M321A grenade launcher.

How does it work? Glad you asked! According to the Duke specs: “The drone takes the full recoil of the weapon discharge, compensates for its force and quickly readjusts to stay on target and in the fight.”

At present, Duke is working with the Israeli forces for these specific offerings of drones, but they are promising to also collaborate with select government clients around the globe with the goal to reduce the number of deployed troops. They also want to empower troops with immediate air-power deployment, improving prospects of mission success, minimizing battlefield injuries, loss of life to friendly troops and saving innocent civilians. Would you line up to be one of the first to use this new gadget or are you putting it in the ‘too much tech’ pile? Sound off in the comments below!

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