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This American Flag Travels The World

Having an American flag flown in combat zones or at historical points has long been a wonderful tradition. The representation of the sacrifice that many have made and many continue to give, being delivered as a gift or a special keepsake is a tremendous honor. The resolve of the United States of America to be an uplifting and sheltering force for good in this world is symbolized through our flag. America is always there trying to do good. We’re trying to tell the world that nobody should live under tyranny and fear. That’s what the flag represents.

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The journey continues less than 300 miles east! Coming right from Kosovo, the flag was sent east to be received by a very dear friend who is part of the 4th ID, where his platoon flew it at Novo Selo Training Area, Bulgaria 🇧🇬 on May 11, 2017! A special THANK YOU to 1LT Castinado for making this mission happening and having this epic photo taken! After this, the flag was sent to the United States Embassy in Santiago, Chile to continue the journey! ★ #AmericanFlagJourney #United #States #America #Army #Novo #Selo #Training #Area #Bulgaria #Europe #American #Flag #AmericanFlag #Journey #OldGlory #Freedom #Patriotism #History #Red #White #Blue #Stars #Stripes

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We heard a story of one such flag, but this flag, unlike many others has made it to the four corners of the Earth. Touching all seven continents this flag brought the message of hope, liberty, and independence to every land mass on our planet.

It started out as a commissioning gift from his grandfather in 2014. The idea then came to him that in the same spirit that had moved him to serve, that the flag should go to the world spreading that message of hope and liberty. First, the flag went to Afghanistan, where it was flown on several medevac missions. It’s flown from the dusty combat zones of Afghanistan to the United States Capitol building, the USS Arizona, and eventually even to Antarctica.

When Lt. Henrickson took over his first platoon in 2015 he decided that as a promise to his NCO’s if they helped mentor him and gave him their absolute best, he’d reward them with a flag before they PCS’d or ETS’d. The flag would be flown on post with a certificate and Lt. Henrickson would explain the significance in front of the platoon as a parting gift. He hopes that each man will have their flag go on a special journey as well. Whether to a display case in a home, where the principles of self-sacrifice and devotion to one’s country are taught. Or the flag would go on a journey much like the flag Lt. Henrickson was given as a gift.–uhXd7/?taken-by=americanflagjourney

Anyone can see that our country is hurting. We’ve got internal division and external nuclear threats, and the whole world just seems crazy. Maybe the flag, which has been the source of so much controversy, can actually be the unifying symbol. Maybe the flag will say to people “Hey we know we’re not perfect and we’ve got a lot of work to do, but we’re trying. We’re trying to protect the innocent, and uphold justice, and though we make mistakes, we are trying.” Maybe, just maybe the admission that we’re not perfect, but we believe that we can get better is enough to unify our country. Maybe this one little flag, that evokes such powerful emotions across this land, will be the one thing to unite us all once again.

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Lt. Henrickson is currently serving with the 1st Battalion 36th Infantry Regiment, 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division.

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9 thoughts on “This American Flag Travels The World”

  1. This is phenomenal, well done Sir! I truly wish we had a leader like this when I was in the service; one who realizes the importance of the NCO and that as a junior officer, he needs to learn from his NCO counterpart. Receiving a flag flown in meaningful landmarks and areas of conflict would have been much better of an ETS award than any army medal. This LT has a good head on his shoulders, I wish more were like him. [Promote Ahead of Peers]. Best of luck, Sir!

    1. Gordon, I’m glad you liked it. It truly was a unique and inspirational way to motivate and lead the soldiers under his command. Thank you very much for your continued support of the site. Please continue to share us with all of your friends and family.

  2. I had the honor to be in his platoon and let me just say that 1lt Henrickson is the best officer I have ever worked with. He knows how to accomplish any mission without sacrficing soldier care. He was selected to serve as company commander as a lieutenant over a post CCC captain because of his leadership style and how he takes care of soldiers. When we were out in the field at bliss, he would tell us this story about his flag journey and how it is flying all over the world and he always found a way to captivate and motivate the joes. The army needs more stuff like this and leaders like henrickson.

    1. Mike, thank you for your kind words. I had the extreme honor of conducting the interview and writing this article. As a former infantryman in the Marine Corps, I know how important it is to have good leadership from the officer corps. You have been extremely lucky to have such a great leader during your career. Please continue to check out our page and share our stories. Thank you for your continued support!

    2. SSG Soto just received his flag from LT Henrickson after block leave and the speech he gave just motivates me and the rest of the guys in 2nd. I wish we would have had more time with LT before he went to be XO, he kept us motivated to be in thr army especially on the days when it sucked a lot. I think he is PCS ing soon to Bragg, he is going to be missed here :/
      I shared this with the rest of the guys, great article

  3. I was Jordan’s peer before I left Bliss and I can attest to his leadership and the impact he had on his soldiers. THis flag program that he established is not cheap as I think he was on his 44th flag that he bought out of his own pocket, shipped it to the Pentagon out of his own pocket, and framed the certificate out of his own pocket. Those flags are $37 a pop to put this in perspective. The morale in his platoon and company he ended up commanding was unmatched by any other in the brigade and I truly miss serving with him. Dude can run a 10 min 2-mile as well. Can AmericanGrit do a follow up story to see where this journey is at this year? THis is pretty awesome

    1. We’ll reach out to Jordan and ask him how his flag is doing! Glad to hear all of these great testimonies to Jordan’s leadership abilities and faithful duty to this nation!

  4. Greg Salcido should meet this guy and reevaluate his words to his students about the military being “dumbsh*ts.” You have to have a lot of brains and a lot of heart and passion to be able to set up this flag operation Jordan has going on top of being a leader in the military. I believe that some of the brightest minds come out of the military and this is a prime example.

  5. this is legit, I was googling American Flag Journey to show my friends after they helped me find a job in corrections after my active duty terminal leave ended and I came across this article. No idea they started out like this, so simple! This is a non profit organization now and they are legit helping lots of soldiers and marines. You guys should put an article up on what they do now. its awesome! Google American Flag Journey and find the website.

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