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Grunt Style is the American Dream. We’re extremely lucky to live in the country we do. We’re still a very strong example for many places in the world. The major media outlets can get wrapped up in the latest controversy or identity politics game, we’re not about that life here at American Grit. We know we’re not perfect, but there is merit and some level of virtue for those that fall, get up and dust themselves off to try again. That’s why we’re proud of the United States, that’s why we’re proud to call it home. There are still those that care enough to try. How do we know this? Because there are still children in other countries that believe America is a good place.

A Grunt Style ambassador, Ken, is an elementary school teacher both here and abroad. In a recent lesson to the children in Cambodia, they were asked to list as a class 10 things they knew about America. Immediately the question was asked why the flag on the Grunt Style shirt Ken was wearing was facing backwards. Ken went on to explain that the flag was in fact, not backwards, but representative of the flag blowing in the breeze as the troops assaulted forward. He went on to explain that in all things in life we should assault forward, and not be scared of the challenges that await us. “We should be brave even inside the classroom, don’t let the school, test or education scare them. Always go forward even when it’s hard,” Ken told the classroom full of children in Phnom Penn.


The children then made the list, including Grunt Style in the top ten beating out Starbucks. These children still believe in the goodness that is America. They believe we are strong, they believe we are extremely blessed as well. They’re right. We are blessed. The iconic flag on the Grunt Style shirts is truly representative of the American Dream, it’s who we are, we move forward. We fall down, we get back up, and we assault forward once again. Grunt Style is the American Dream, always improving, always striving in the face of insurmountable odds, we assault forward. This idea, this American Dream…This We’ll Defend.

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John Fannin

John Fannin

John spent four years as a 0351, Infantry Assaulltman in the United States Marine Corps. He deployed twice to the city of Ramadi, Iraq with 3rd Battalion 7th Marines. After leaving the Marine Corps in 2008 John pursued a degree in Kinesiology from Texas Lutheran University. During his time at TLU, John was fortunate enough to play football for a year and serve the local community as a volunteer firefighter. After graduating John worked as a personal trainer for few years before coming to work at American Grit. John is also the proud owner of a great beard.