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If the shoe fits wear it. We react like children to every bad thing that happens. When I say that, I mean to say that as soon as a tragedy occurs, we’re super quick to offer up our solutions and our fixes with emphatic fervor, offering very little empathy for the victims. Take Wil Wheaton for example, check out this tweet. I cannot even begin to imagine how it feels to live with such little empathy. This is just one of the many things

we react like children

Every time a tragedy happens we react like children. We throw our voices and opinions out without realizing that right now may not be the time or the place to do so. We are completely devoid of any sort of common courtesy. Just because you have a thought doesn’t mean it’s a golden nugget to be shared with everyone. When these types of tragedies occur and I watch the various reactions from the talking heads and celebrity “role models” I imagine them standing on opposite sides of a hospital bed and arguing while a victim lies there. With our easy access to social media, that may as well be what happens. To hell with speaking on the TV, why don’t you just lose all tact and couth and swing for the fences? Walk into the hospital rooms, stand on your respective sides and conduct the shouting match.

we react like children

My assertion is that maybe we could do something a little more adult whenever tragedy strikes. Maybe the adult thing to do would be to just shut up. Maybe everyone should just take a moment and realize that the day after a tragedy isn’t the day to get on your moral high horse.

There’s a time and a place for a discussion, but the indiscriminate shouting and politicizing by those on both sides of the issue, has got to go. It is distinctly anti-American. I apologize if you think I’m trying to push my idea of America on you. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the idea of America is to yell and shout at opponents instead of having a decent respectful conversation at an appropriate time. I honestly don’t think I am though.

we react like children

The irony of this article is not lost on me, as I’m on my moral high horse as well. Seriously though, can we stop reacting like children to every tragedy? I can guarantee that nobody is going to decry you for donating blood and keeping your inflammatory comments to yourself where they should stay. Wish the victims a speedy recovery and go about your business.

we react like children

In a country with so many people from different backgrounds, it is no surprise that we’ll have different opinions on the solutions to the problems we face. That doesn’t mean we can’t exercise some self-control and think twice before we update Facebook or Twitter. We react like children every time tragedy strikes and it’s appalling. Be better than this America.

Here’s a hearty thank you to the people who this doesn’t apply to. To the people that do what’s right, and make a difference without causing a scene. We raise a drink to you.


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