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When size matters, innovation is key. The folks from Full Conceal M3 are definitely following in the innovative footsteps of the FMG9 from Magpul. Instead of a submachine gun, they are looking to make a big splash in the area of concealed carry holders. Using a slimmed down Glock 19 for their prototype Full Conceal M3 has developed a folding 9mm pistol without sacrificing the legendary mag capacity of the iconic Glock firearm.

Conceal carry permit holders used to be constrained by their outfits if they wanted to remain armed. Every shirt and pair of pants they bought, they had to think about the concealability of their particular firearm given their clothing choices. We’ve all been there, love how a pair of pants fits, but is it going to work with your IWB (Inside the Waistband) holster? Maybe it will, maybe it won’t, but you shouldn’t have to work so hard to find a carrying solution.

This new concept, if it works out, will be another tool in the toolbox for concealed carry permit holders. There is not a one size fits all solution to every single concealed carry problem (not sure how you’re gonna conceal at the beach wearing a speedo, but that’s your problem), but the more tools you have available the easier it’ll be to feel relaxed and not stick out.

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The point of conceal carry is to catch people by surprise (obviously), if they can pick out who is carrying because of your clothing, it really defeats the whole purpose of conceal carry, to begin with. If this concept turns out to be practical, we look to see more vendors and firearm manufacturers creating new product lines in this same fashion. It could also be a total flop, but if it is, it may be the bad idea that leads to the next great idea. We have only one question, would you buy one?

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