Violent but True Bed Time Stories

Violent But True Bed Time Stories: Season 2 Episode 10 Ernest E. Evans

We’ve only told the story of one other sailor on our bed time stories, so that means when we tell another one, he’s gotta be a badass. Ernest E. Evans was truly a bold spirit and hated anyone that attacked America. He would fight even if it was believed he couldn’t win, just for fighting’s sake.

Ernest E. Evans

Lt. Commander Ernest E. Evans was nothing if not bold. During World War 2 he was in command of a small complement of ships. The small “fleet” if you could even call it that, consisted of three destroyers and four small escort ships. The lack of firepower would not deter Ernest though. When he found out that there was a large Japanese fleet consisting of four battleships, eight cruisers, and numerous destroyers, he decided to attack. Many people would consider this suicide. So did Ernest. He told his men that they were going to do what damage they could, but he didn’t expect them to survive.

Ernest E. Evans

The Japanese fleet started the fight opening up with their large guns. Eighteen-inch all the way down to the five-inch guns started to pound the American ships. The American’s only had five-inch guns and were out of range of the large ships. They zigzagged till they were close enough and then unleashed what hell they could on the Japanese fleet, sinking one of the cruisers. Ernest E. Evans didn’t falter until all of the ammunition, including sandbag practice ammo, had been fired at the decks of the enemy ships. At the end of the battle, the Japanese ships threw food and water to the survivors of the American “fleet” shouting “Samurai” repeatedly in honor of the fighting spirit.

Ernest E. Evans

Ernest A. Evans was not among the survivors and could not be found, some assume he went down fighting a shark, like a real man. For his bravery and fighting spirit, Ernest was awarded the Medal of Honor.

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