Alex Will Do It

Alex Will Do It: Mystery Shots

In this episode of “Alex Will Do It,” Alex will have to take a few mystery shots. That doesn’t seem so horrible, does it? Can our blindfolded Marine make it through all of the shots? You’ll see!

Mystery Shots

The wounds are still fresh from the Shooting Gallery challenge, we’re not going to take it easy on him though just because of a few welts. Last time Alex’s body was damaged on the outside. This time via mystery shots, we’re going to see what damage can be done to Alex’s insides. The shots aren’t too difficult to start off with. For instance, Mike was “nice” enough to give Alex his favorite liquor, Jäger. This will lull Alex into a false sense of security, prompting little hesitation through at least the first “challenging” shot. Alex slams it down like fraternity pledge trying to earn some semblance of respect from his brothers. The next shot, good ol’ Jack Daniels. While it burns a little bit, Alex made it through easily.

Mystery Shots

This is where it gets tough. Alex has a disgusting habit of leaving his dip bottles all over the place. So Mike collected one of the said bottles with Alex’s own dip spit. That ladies and gents is the third shot and the first real challenge. Alex throws it down, and then it comes right back up and out. The combinations there get even more random and disgusting. From a Listerine Mimosa to Spam water with Jäger Alex has his work cut out for him. The last and final shot is liquid ghost pepper. There might actually be a need for a safety corpsman.

Mystery Shots

He came, he didn’t see and we wouldn’t call it conquering, but he definitely felt the pain. The grand finale ghost pepper hot sauce didn’t slow Alex down. ‘Till next time.

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