The Next Mission: Season 1 Episode 4

Mission Woodsboro

Mission Woodsboro. When we last left off, the crew was down in Houston helping with the Hurricane Harvey relief. They had organized several thousand shirts and hoodies to be produced and donated to the victims of Harvey. Despite a few minor setbacks the Grunt Style team pushed through and were able to make it to the small town of Woodsboro, which was absolutely devastated by Harvey as well.

When the team got to Woodsboro all they saw was the destruction Harvey had left in its wake. After speaking with the Mayor, the volunteers headed over to a high school gym and started unloading supplies. The town had literally lost everything. However, they were unprepared for the type of dedication and hard work that patriots can bring to the table to people in need. The community center had been hit extremely hard. The small town utilized the community center for everything. It was a key place for helping out parents and children during the work week. It needed to be up and running again.

Mission Woodsboro

The community center was a mess. In the truest form that Grunt Style has been known for, the team demoed out all the debris and cleaned everything they could. They split the volunteers into two teams. One team stayed at the community center to demo and clean up, while the street team hit the road to ensure that vehicles could get in and out. Inside and out the team was cleaning up debris and bringing the town back to health. With all the debris, animals and insects, diseases could spread rapidly. Health and hygiene was a strong driving force for the cleanup.

Mission Woodsboro

Once the roads were clear and the community center rehab underway the big Penske truck pulled up and opened its back hatch. The nine thousand shirts and nine thousand hoodies didn’t last very long they were dispersed among the people who needed them the most. In one afternoon Mission Woodsboro was already showing progress.

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